Written April 17, 2009
Thurs 4/16 - this evening I was privileged to attend the advance press screening of this 1.5hr comedy - with a personal appearance/introduction by Mike Epps in the movie theater. This comedy of errors was hilarious! Just be advised that the humor is geared towards a mature audience - once you get into the spirit of this movie it would totally crack you up! (pun intended) The advance press screening audience were laughing throughout the entire movie - yes, it was that funny. Production values = average. Entertainment value = above average. Plot = silly but nicely done - satisfying ending. NEXT DAY AIR is almost like a plethora of funny skits that were all related unified by a coherent story. To say the least - I was pleasantly surprised and delighted. VERDICT: Cool movie - recommended! Please - not family/kids-friendly - scenes of violence and drug-use and profane language. Fans of Mike Epps - A MUST SEE movie! (btw, thanks Mr. Epps for your autograph)
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Delivering the 411

By SoCalZine
Written May 23, 2009
Being a fan of Scrubs, when I saw Donald Faison starring in this movie I knew it was going to be funny. I want to start off by saying this is not a movie to take your kids to. The movie is filled with drug use, foul language, nudity, and violence. For the rest of us it makes a funny movie. Donald plays a delivery truck driver who deliverers a package to a wrong address. Simple mistake till the residents who got the package find out what is inside. The package is full of drugs, which belongs to the neighbor across the hall. Now, its a race to get the package back. It has all the action and laugh out loud comedy a movie will ever need. The story behind the movie is not one that will be nominated for an Oscar, but its what we all picture would happen in this situation. Also, before I forget to mention there are plenty of beautiful woman. This is not the greatest date movie, but if you want to get out and watch a movie that will make you laugh. This is the one.
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Next Day Air

By dpgmccall03
Written May 19, 2009
This movie was a waste of my time and money!! Just a few funny scenes. Overall, I wouldn't recommend it to anyone!!!!
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Next Day Air

By keybornwife
Written May 13, 2009
This movie was kind of funny. I enjoyed it. However, I didn"t care too much for one part in it which consisted of nude women. Sometimes, that messes up a good movie when you're watching a movie with your husband or boyfriend.
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By lovestalentmoviefan
Written May 13, 2009
I am concerned at the bad reviews. NOT because I particularly liked this movie(which i reviewed for actors) but because I believe it was well done for what it is supposed to be AS WELL AS realistic in ending for people in this business,to discourage kids from involvement. The only reason i rate so-so instead of good was for the totally unnecessary bit of sluttiness and nudity in the one brief scene. That was really stupid on the part of scripter/director. Actors are great,especially when you know from other work how good they are playing these roles. I ENCOURAGE THOSE NOT OFFENDED BY LANGUAGE AND THE HARSH REALITY OF THE CRIMINAL/DRUG WORLD DELIVERED IN COMEDIC OVER THE TOP FASHION TO TRY IT AND FORGET ABOUT THE BAD REVIEWS. As stated,it is great for what is meant to be. On the other hand I dont promote paying hwood for gratuitous sex/nudity. So i guess you'll do what you are comfortable with. The scene i object to is quite brief. DEFINITELY WANT TO SEE MORE OF OMARI HARDWIDK (thankyo
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