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An agent tries to convince a clairvoyant to help her prevent a nuclear detonation in Los Angeles.
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This movie gets a 7/10

By tae712
This movie was a clever twist on an already worn-out idea - the ability to tell the future. At times it was a little confusing, and a little unbelievable (and I don't mean the fact that Nicolas Cage...

HORRIBLE !!!!!!!

By bekind2pets
Why would Nicholas Cage agree to act in this movie? It looks low budget (the FBI nerve center to prevent a stolen atomic weapon from being detonated was the size of my living would think...

Thanks to all who have REVIEWED this movie WITHOUT SEEING IT

By Jock_Sherlock
NEXT is apparently about all of those who can see into the future as you probably do everyday....

Definitely one to own!

By HerCrystalness
I loved this movie! After reading mixed reviews and some that said the ending sucked, I wasn't sure I wanted to see this one. I went anyway, and I'm very glad I did. Those people who said they...

The reviews did not do this movie justice

By robcarver67
I never listen to reviewers. This movie has a very exciting plot and Nicholas Cage once again gives a great performance. This movie had a lot of action as I come to expect from his movies. The...


By frwong1941
I thought the movie was very well done. There was a lot of action with good actors. Nicholis Cage was good and Jessica Biel was drop dead gorgeous. It was a very entertaining movie....

Good movie

By debhawes16
it was action packed and kept me on the edge of my seat......

Totally Suprised

By highwaytohell90
I Was To Say The Least Totally Suprised About How Good This Movie Was. It's Definately Worth Seeing. I Have Never Seen A Movie That Had Nicholas Cage In It That Wasn't Good....


By ironman15
this was not a good movie at all. Nicholas Cage was good, but everybody else was not. the plot was good and it sounded like it will be a good movie. but it was not. the special effects were not...

HOT Graphics

By Kphar69
This movie "for me" blew my socks off, fantastic action, great graphics, and plot was amazing. I will see this again and buy the DVD when it comes out. Nichalas Cage Was fantastic !!...

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Rated PG-13 | For intense sequences of violent action, and some language
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Common Sense Media says Predictable Cage sci-fi tale may entertain teens.
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