Awesome movie

By keatsgirl
Written November 26, 2010
Unbelievable,sure,but what movie doesn't stretch things a bit. Clean too. Wish there would have been more opportunity for Neeson to be used. Crowe was intensely brilliant as a loving husband with tunnel vision for the woman he loved and believed in.
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Five Word Review

By Ajlina
Written November 24, 2010
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Pure suspense!

By Nashgal
Written December 02, 2010
This is a terrific movie. Russell Crowe delivers with superb acting. My teenage son had seen the movie and loved it, and he told me it was "clean" enough for my 10 year old son to see. While there is no overt sex (one scene where it is suggested but not shown) and very little bad language, there is intense action and some violence. Probably wouldn't recommend for under 12. If you enjoy movies full of action, suspense, and twists, you will love this. We were on the edge of our seats the entire time!
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Will not want to miss this!

By KLPhair
Written November 25, 2010
Not intended to be a love story I think, but it is. It is the most fast paced, thriller love story that does not make Hollywood impossibleness happen. This guy does his homework and makes it believeably happen. From doing research and almost getting caught form learning how to do things from watching YouTube videos, yes this movies really catches the moment.
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The escape..the planning...the love...

By lovestalentmoviefan
Written December 07, 2010
...the humanness of these two characters....all made for an intense movie experience. It is too bad that animation and cgi, sequels and films that scream "sexy" are always on top,because movie goers get cheated out of some fine movie experiences if they don't get to the theaters much. Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy my fair share of the above stated types. But there is alot of heart in The Next Three Days that isn't always apparent in movies where technology or sex is the main character. Please see this one and go through the hopelessness and frustration and,well....don't want to say too much. Crowe and Banks are fantastic!
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