Could've been much better

By saushi
Written June 28, 2009
Could've been much better, but is fine... but TOI and HT has rated the movie unneccessarily. The movie is a nice watch at Home, but hardly worth the theater price and efforts. Moreover the stand on the issue is not clear. Does the director wants to condemn this problem or promote it. It seemed they kind of justified what John Abraham was doing. Which is wrong.
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Go watch it!

By knowl3uddycares
Written July 08, 2009
It was a pretty good movie. I would recommend anybody to go watch it.
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Worst every product of YashRaj Banner

By ckochher
Written July 13, 2009
I just went to watch this movie due to Yash Raj banner but my expectations were shattered in first 30 mins when I came to know its one more based on terrorsim.
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New York

By laura555
Written July 05, 2009
New York is a beautifully produced movie from India about our government's reaction to 9/11. It tells the story of 3 friends caught in an FBI web of reaction to the terrible event in New York on that date. The story calls into question the effects of the reaction to fear; yet it is not anti-American. It pits this reaction against the larger values of American life. At its basic level, it is an exciting action drama with a larger message. It is a movie every thoughtful American will want to see.
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9/11 Emotions

By jaipal
Written July 03, 2009
Gr8 Movie. I wouldn't watch it again, but definetly worth watching once. good acting. OK direction. cute actress. one of the finest Bollywood movie with subtitles. go watch it.
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