New Year's Eve Synopsis
A man must choose between his mother and his wife as animosity increases throughout New Year's Eve.
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Much better than expected!

By jandpt
I absolutely LOVED this movie! I took my 11 year old and her best friend. I expected it to be a cute movie, something to watch on a Friday night. But it was MUCH BETTER! I laughed. I cried. I...

Easy and fun

By madliddi
This is a good "base hit". iIt's got a talented cast, fun but somewhat predictable storyline, and is set in a festive environment. If you wanto to go to a "no brainer" then this is it....

New Year's Eve

By newyorker47
Just saw New Year's Eve and it was the best feel good movie, can't wait till it comes out on DVD definitely buying it and the soundtrack....

You'll Laugh- You'll Cry - You'll Love it!

By ocklebockle
Loved how all the characters and stories intertwined as the movie progressed. Romantic, endearing, sentimental, funny, lighthearted. Definitely recommend it - even though it made me and my daughter...

See it before New Year's Eve

By Racquele
This movie has a star-studded cast, which isn't necessary. There are several sweet stories going on simultaneously, so something for everyone I guess. As someone who lives in Manhattan, the scenes...

New Year's Eve not great

By tonyhasit
New Year's Eve tries to copy the magic of Love Actually but misses by quite a bit. A few good moments but overall not well done. A lot of the acting seems forced and not believable. One highlight...

Good ligt-hearted date movie

By srowenho
Huge cast!!! Light hearted and fun movie with a little romance thrown in - but not over the top. Made me smile, touched my heart in some parts and reminded me of my past New Year's Eve. This is a...


By eliie19
I loved it. It'll have you in tears and in laughs all at the same time, but mostly it will have you laughing. Very heart-warming film. Go, is definitely money worthy and the cast is completely...

New Year's Eve

By believer36
Definitely worth seeing during this holiday season! I realize it's not an Oscar-nominee-worthy movie (although Jon Bon Jovi STOLE the show!), but it's a fun flick to see with your gal pals....

New Year's Eve

By Baby Jane
My husband and I both really liked it. There was a lot going on so I would like to see it again to see what I might have missed....

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Rated PG-13 | For Language and sexual references