Suprisingly entertaining

By skatze
Written September 28, 2013
From the title and what little I read plus the fact that I've never done pot, I wasn't so sure I'd enjoy this film. That said, I was pleasantly surprised. It's a story that kept me intriqued and caring for the main character much more than I initially wanted to. I'm surprised it's from a first time director, because the feel and flow of the movie is super. I would strongly recommend this film to those who might even be on the border. Very good cast as well. I might see it again with some other friends to get their take.
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Cinema is back ... And it is high... on art!

Written September 28, 2013
Great and original film. I got high off the trailer...but seriously a very unique and moving story and great cast. Go see this one!
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funny as s moths...

By dianacabiness
Written September 21, 2013
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