Most entertaining movie to come from Hollywood in ions

By vamomof4
Written January 28, 2009
I went to an advance screening tonight - the whole audience was laughing almost non-stop during the entire movie. There was a wide variety of people in the audience - both male and female, young and old. There were several children present, and they enjoyed the movie a lot - one said that it was "awesome" and great to be able to see a grown-up movie. This is the most entertaining movie to come out of Hollywood in a long time. In this era, with the depressed economy worldwide, outrageous cost of living, and massive job loss - it's nice to sit in a theatre for a couple of hours, laughing and being able to just simply enjoy a movie. I even overheard some guys walking out who said they were expecting a "chick flick" and instead really enjoyed the movie. Renee Zellwegger and Harry Connick Jr had great chemistry. Who'd have thunk he'd make such an outdoorsy type hunk - he was very much the heartthrob in his full bead and woodsman look. The movie was well-paced. Excellent movie!
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I Loved This Movie

By katapillar
Written January 31, 2009
I loved this movie, and it is not getting the credit it deserves. First of all, the music in the movie is great, and I can't wait for the soundtrack! Secondly, the peopl e of New Ulm ,Minnesota are taking this way too personal. I am not from Minnesota, nor have I ever been there. But, I did not look at the people in this movie as stupid, and I liked their accent. I think that it is cute. The people are portrayed as caring, kind, compassionate people, and even if it seems like they don't do much with their lives, they do. They create a close community and are willing to take risks where their community is concerned. Any community portrayed like this should be proud and honored. I also like Rene Zellweger and Harry Conick Jr. in this movie. They are cute together. I like their chemistry, and at first Zellweger is portrayed as a shallow corporate exec, but her sensitivity shines through when she talks about her father. This movie is perfect fort oday's situation. Go see it!
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The Movie Critics are"The Biggest Losers!" and I ain't talkin weight!

By pepjrp
Written March 24, 2009
After reading the critics words, I thought this movie would be horrible to see. I went and saw it anyway and realized that the so-called movie critics have no idea what the folks like. These worthless scumsuckers only give a thumbs up to movies if they are full of "Bush-bashing" or hating America in general. They also love anything that portrays European-Americans as racist and bigots. They especially love it if there is a "GAY" in your face and can push that agenda down your throat. No pun intended as you can be sure they love it down their throats. Claudia Pig is a perfect example of one worthless critic. Her last name sure fits her to a tee. I'm sure when "Fireproof" came out last year. She was all on the side of the hating Hollywood bunch. This movie was very entertaining and a general feel good movie. You will like the characters and hope the best outcome for all.
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“NEW IN TOWN” – Baby, it’s COLD Outside (tho the story is warm) =

By jimchudnow
Written January 29, 2009
(Based on advance preview:) I found this film to be more ROMANTIC than comedy. RENEE ZELLWEGER plays an uptight, upwardly-mobile executive who’s sent from Florida to revamp the food company’s division in a small town in Minnesota. It’s winter, she’s massively unprepared for the weather, and people such as her assistant Blanche (SIOBHAN FALLON HOGAN) and Union rep Ted (played by HARRY CONNICK, JR.) work to try to help her acclimate to her surroundings and get along with the work force. The employees don’t know what the company’s overall plan is, and there are somewhat typical misunderstandings and machinations as she grows increasingly attached to the workers and tries to change the plans the headquarters has for the branch. It’s fairly predictable, just mildly funny, but a generally warm-hearted diversion. In other words, it’s effectively “Pleasant”. I’d rate it a low 4 stars in that the acting is decent and it succeeds in its minor ambitions.
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New in Town

By mstollens
Written February 05, 2009
I was looking forward 2 watching the movie because of Harry Connick Jr. I have to say,he did NOT disappoint.The movie itself was cute & often times hysterical! I went with my boyfriend who had absolutely no interest in watching the movie,& he loved. He (& everyone else in the theater) was laughing very much out loud! The movie was lighthearted & was a bit of an escape compared 2 all the other movies that were out at the time.The roles that the supporting actors played(Siobhan Fallon & J.K. Simmons)were played very well & you just felt the chemistry the cast had.Normally, these actors are not shown much throughout movies,but in this flick they played a very entertaining role! I understand that they immediately show Renee moving so you can feel how she feels(confused & out of place),however I wished there were more time with character development, more romantic scenes instead of just mostly denial,& 1st dinner scene could have been better.Recommend this over the other movies playing now.
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