I am a fan of subtle,understated.....

By lovestalentmoviefan
Written October 15, 2010
...drama and acting,as well as the non-traditional film. This was unacceptable.For such an array of possible talent,there was no real acting whatsoever. Mulligans tears and Garfields one display of frustrated yelling were it. Even the tears had nothing behind them. This story just didn't have any substance. Or plot. The big deal was calmly talked about by one of the teachers,everyone calmly dealt with it. The acceptance of the situation seemed stupid,because nothing about it was explained,we could have seen why this was such a normal thing,we could have seen some questions or rebellion. Didn't feel any romance between any of the characters,except for the child actors. The budding love between the young Cathy and Tommy was good,and gave me a false sense of looking forward to a good film. I wouldn't even rent it myself. No,I do not need lust and things blowing up,there was just nothing here. Nothing. Very disappointed,and I believe the good reviews,may be primarily from book fan
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Lots of Emotion, not alot of substance

By yoblack
Written September 26, 2010
Great acting and emotional content, but really, the story was rather weak. Yes it was sad and all that, but there have been many stories told about slavery and bondage-like human conditions. This story was not much different. If its a faithful adaption of the book then I suppose the book would have been uninteresting to me. I really wanted to know the mechanics of things, who were the great oppressors, how were they grown, why no public or left-wing outcry,etc. As it is the tale is rather shallow and it translated as shallow on screen. Wait for the DVD.
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Five Word Review

By ohnoyoudidnt
Written September 15, 2010
slightly science fiction can't wait
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By Lonestar149
Written October 10, 2010
Never Let Me Go is powerful, painful, disturbing, and remarkable. It continues to haunt me the day after seeing it. I am having difficulty understanding the fans' negative reviews except that perhaps they needed a movie where stuff blows up a lot. This is not one of those movies. This one has real depth and feeling.
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Five Word Review

By movie_wacko
Written October 27, 2010
depressing disturbing awful grim traumatic
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