Never Let Me Go Synopsis
Three friends, who grew up at a seemingly idyllic boarding school, face a haunting reality.
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I am a fan of subtle,understated.....

By lovestalentmoviefan
...drama and acting,as well as the non-traditional film. This was unacceptable.For such an array of possible talent,there was no real acting whatsoever. Mulligans tears and Garfields one display of...

Lots of Emotion, not alot of substance

By yoblack
Great acting and emotional content, but really, the story was rather weak. Yes it was sad and all that, but there have been many stories told about slavery and bondage-like human conditions. This...

Five Word Review

By ohnoyoudidnt
slightly science fiction can't wait...

Five Word Review

By movie_wacko
depressing disturbing awful grim traumatic...


By Lonestar149
Never Let Me Go is powerful, painful, disturbing, and remarkable. It continues to haunt me the day after seeing it. I am having difficulty understanding the fans' negative reviews except that perhaps...

If you read the book...

By orndorff
Then I think you will really enjoy this movie. I read the book a few years ago, and found the casting, setting, and plot points accurate and consistent with it. I really enjoyed Carrie Mulligan in...

Nostalgic Romantic Journey

By Sheltiemomm
Andrew Garfield is a name you will be seeing, hearing and lauding for many decades. I didn't know he would be in this movie; what a lovely surprise! Great story of three young people, in the late...

Never Letme Go

By Ruth S. Eckhouse
Very fine movie, good acting, direction, absolutely fascinating....

Five Word Review

By cyuhas
beautiful sad interesting amazing touching...

Never Let Me Go

By brits3
The movie was very compelling and touching, extremely well acted - I enjoyed it. One aspect bothered me - apart from the need to record there whereabouts by swiping their wrists on the readers -...

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Rated R | For sexuality and nudity
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Common Sense Media says Young people ponder sex, love, life in downer sci-fi drama.
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