Nelson Eddy
Date of Birth
Jun 29, 1901
Birth Place:
Providence, RI

Worked With

Year Name Title
1965 Gordon MacRae Bell Telephone Hour Telecasts, 1960-1965: Gordon MacRae
1965 Florence Henderson Bell Telephone Hour Telecasts, 1960-1965: Gordon MacRae
1947 George Sorel Northwest Outpost
1947 Jay Silverheels Northwest Outpost
1947 Peter Whitney Northwest Outpost
1947 Ray Teal Northwest Outpost
1947 Joseph Schildkraut Northwest Outpost
1947 Henry Kulky Northwest Outpost
1947 Ilona Massey Northwest Outpost
1947 Henry Brandon Northwest Outpost
1947 Elsa Lanchester Northwest Outpost
1946 Sterling Holloway Make Mine Music
1946 Jerry Colonna Make Mine Music
1946 Dinah Shore Make Mine Music
1944 Ferdinand Munier Knickerbocker Holiday
1944 Edward Earle Knickerbocker Holiday
1944 Glenn Strange Knickerbocker Holiday
1944 Shelley Winters Knickerbocker Holiday
1944 Charles Coburn Knickerbocker Holiday
1944 Dorothy Granger Knickerbocker Holiday
1944 Fritz Feld Knickerbocker Holiday
1944 Percy Kilbride Knickerbocker Holiday
1944 Otto Kruger Knickerbocker Holiday
1943 J. Edward Bromberg The Phantom of the Opera
1943 Leo Carrillo The Phantom of the Opera
1943 Fritz Feld The Phantom of the Opera
1943 Alphonse Martell The Phantom of the Opera
1943 Claude Rains The Phantom of the Opera
1943 Belle Mitchell The Phantom of the Opera
1943 Hume Cronyn The Phantom of the Opera
1943 William Desmond The Phantom of the Opera
1942 Esther Dale I Married an Angel
1942 Douglas Dumbrille I Married an Angel
1942 Janis Carter I Married an Angel
1942 Cecil Cunningham I Married an Angel
1942 Georges Renavent I Married an Angel
1942 Reginald Owen I Married an Angel
1942 Fredrik Vogeding I Married an Angel
1942 Walter Soderling I Married an Angel
1942 Ferdinand Munier I Married an Angel
1942 Binnie Barnes I Married an Angel
1942 Anne Jeffreys I Married an Angel
1942 Ben Hall I Married an Angel
1942 Dick Elliott I Married an Angel
1942 Edward Everett Horton I Married an Angel
1942 Grace Hayle I Married an Angel
1942 Leonid Kinskey I Married an Angel
1942 Veda Ann Borg I Married an Angel
1942 Alphonse Martell I Married an Angel
1942 Jeanette MacDonald I Married an Angel
1941 Nigel Bruce The Chocolate Soldier
1941 Florence Bates The Chocolate Soldier
1941 Dave Willock The Chocolate Soldier
1940 Armand Kaliz Bitter Sweet
1940 Jeanette MacDonald Bitter Sweet
1940 Jeff Corey Bitter Sweet
1940 Hans Conried Bitter Sweet
1940 George Sanders Bitter Sweet
1940 Sig Rumann Bitter Sweet
1940 Ian Hunter Bitter Sweet
1940 Greta Meyer Bitter Sweet
1940 Felix Bressart Bitter Sweet
1940 Edward Ashley Bitter Sweet
1940 Herman Bing Bitter Sweet
1940 Veda Ann Borg Bitter Sweet
1940 Lynne Carver Bitter Sweet
1940 Robert Warwick New Moon
1940 Ray Teal New Moon
1940 Buster Keaton New Moon
1940 H.B. Warner New Moon
1940 Mary Boland New Moon
1940 Hillary Brooke New Moon
1940 Forbes Murray New Moon
1940 Grant Mitchell New Moon
1940 Jeanette MacDonald New Moon
1940 George Magrill New Moon
1940 Cecil Cunningham New Moon
1940 Joe Dominguez New Moon
1940 George Irving New Moon
1940 Dorothy Granger New Moon
1940 George Zucco New Moon
1940 Stanley Fields New Moon
1940 Fred Graham New Moon
1939 George Tobias Balalaika
1939 Frank Morgan Balalaika
1939 John Holland Balalaika
1939 Lionel Atwill Balalaika
1939 Ilona Massey Balalaika
1939 Charlie Ruggles Balalaika
1939 C. Aubrey Smith Balalaika
1939 Virginia Bruce Let Freedom Ring
1939 Guy Kibbee Let Freedom Ring
1939 Charles Butterworth Let Freedom Ring
1939 Billy Bevan Let Freedom Ring
1939 Lionel Barrymore Let Freedom Ring
1939 Edward Arnold Let Freedom Ring
1939 Victor McLaglen Let Freedom Ring
1939 Art Mix Let Freedom Ring
1939 Cyril Ring Let Freedom Ring
1939 Dick Rich Let Freedom Ring
1939 Bruce Mitchell Let Freedom Ring
1939 George "Gabby" Hayes Let Freedom Ring
1939 H.B. Warner Let Freedom Ring
1939 Raymond Walburn Let Freedom Ring
1938 Alberto Morin The Girl of the Golden West
1938 Cliff Edwards The Girl of the Golden West
1938 Leo Carrillo The Girl of the Golden West
1938 Joe Dominguez The Girl of the Golden West
1938 Jeanette MacDonald The Girl of the Golden West
1938 Monty Woolley The Girl of the Golden West
1938 H.B. Warner The Girl of the Golden West
1938 Buddy Ebsen The Girl of the Golden West
1938 Walter Pidgeon The Girl of the Golden West
1938 Charles Grapewin The Girl of the Golden West
1938 Noah Beery, Sr. The Girl of the Golden West
1938 Billy Bevan The Girl of the Golden West
1938 George Zucco Rosalie
1938 Oscar O'Shea Rosalie
1938 Edna May Oliver Rosalie
1938 Purnell Pratt Rosalie
1938 Billy Gilbert Rosalie
1938 Al Shean Rosalie
1938 Reginald Owen Rosalie
1938 Frank Morgan Rosalie
1938 Harry Semels Rosalie
1938 Eleanor Powell Rosalie
1938 George Magrill Rosalie
1938 William Demarest Rosalie
1938 Ilona Massey Rosalie
1938 Roy Barcroft Rosalie
1938 Jerry Colonna Rosalie
1938 Edward Earle Rosalie
1938 Ray Bolger Rosalie
1938 Mischa Auer Sweethearts
1938 George Barbier Sweethearts
1938 Dick Rich Sweethearts
1938 Berton Churchill Sweethearts
1938 Herman Bing Sweethearts
1938 Ray Bolger Sweethearts
1938 Ralph Sanford Sweethearts
1938 Cyril Ring Sweethearts
1938 Edwin Stanley Sweethearts
1938 Florence Rice Sweethearts
1938 Grace Hayle Sweethearts
1938 Gene Lockhart Sweethearts
1938 Frank Mills Sweethearts
1938 Bruce Mitchell Sweethearts
1938 Jeanette MacDonald Sweethearts
1938 James Flavin Sweethearts
1938 Reginald Gardiner Sweethearts
1938 Terry Kilburn Sweethearts
1938 Lucile Watson Sweethearts
1938 Frank Morgan Sweethearts
1938 Mira McKinney Sweethearts
1938 Allyn Joslyn Sweethearts
1938 Edward Earle Sweethearts
1938 Raymond Walburn Sweethearts
1937 Fred Graham Maytime
1937 Grace Hayle Maytime
1937 Frank O'Connor Maytime
1937 Billy Gilbert Maytime
1937 Jeanette MacDonald Maytime
1937 John Barrymore Maytime
1937 Herman Bing Maytime
1937 Leonid Kinskey Maytime
1937 Lynne Carver Maytime
1937 Pat Somerset Maytime
1937 Alberto Morin Maytime
1937 Forbes Murray Maytime
1937 Sig Rumann Maytime
1937 Henry Roquemore Maytime
1937 Belle Mitchell Maytime
1937 Clarence H. Wilson Maytime
1937 Ian Wolfe Maytime
1937 Ben Welden Maytime
1937 Bobby Watson Maytime
1936 Una O'Connor Rose Marie
1936 David Niven Rose Marie
1936 Louis Mercier Rose Marie
1936 Alan Mowbray Rose Marie
1936 James Stewart Rose Marie
1936 Rolfe Sedan Rose Marie
1936 Reginald Owen Rose Marie
1936 Pat West Rose Marie
1936 Lucien Littlefield Rose Marie
1936 Edgar Dearing Rose Marie
1936 Herman Bing Rose Marie
1936 Jeanette MacDonald Rose Marie
1936 Fred Graham Rose Marie
1936 Allan Jones Rose Marie
1936 Sam Harris Rose Marie
1935 Marjorie Main Naughty Marietta
1935 Bob McKenzie Naughty Marietta
1935 Ben Hall Naughty Marietta
1935 Jeanette MacDonald Naughty Marietta
1935 Elsa Lanchester Naughty Marietta
1935 Douglas Dumbrille Naughty Marietta
1935 Edward S. Brophy Naughty Marietta
1935 Harold Huber Naughty Marietta
1935 William Desmond Naughty Marietta
1935 James C. Morton Naughty Marietta
1935 Louis Mercier Naughty Marietta
1935 Henry Roquemore Naughty Marietta
1935 Cecilia Parker Naughty Marietta
1935 Greta Meyer Naughty Marietta
1935 Ed Brady Naughty Marietta
1935 Frank S. Hagney Naughty Marietta
1935 Frank Morgan Naughty Marietta
1935 Akim Tamiroff Naughty Marietta
1934 Dale Van Sickel Student Tour
1934 Minerva Urecal Student Tour
1934 Arthur Treacher Student Tour
1934 Dave "Tex" O'Brien Student Tour
1934 Carl Stockdale Student Tour
1934 Dewey Robinson Student Tour
1934 Douglas Fowley Student Tour
1934 Bryant Washburn Student Tour
1934 Mischa Auer Student Tour
1934 Monte Blue Student Tour
1934 Charles Butterworth Student Tour
1934 Jimmy Durante Student Tour
1934 Betty Grable Student Tour
1934 Sherry Hall Student Tour
1934 Edward J. Le Saint Student Tour
1933 Edward S. Brophy Broadway to Hollywood
1933 Mickey Rooney Broadway to Hollywood
1933 Eddie Quillan Broadway to Hollywood
1933 Madge Evans Broadway to Hollywood
1933 Alice Brady Broadway to Hollywood
1933 Jackie Cooper Broadway to Hollywood
1933 Jimmy Durante Broadway to Hollywood
1933 Frank Morgan Broadway to Hollywood
1933 May Robson Broadway to Hollywood
1933 Una Merkel Broadway to Hollywood
1933 Cecil Cunningham Dancing Lady
1933 C. Montague Shaw Dancing Lady
1933 May Robson Dancing Lady
1933 Joan Crawford Dancing Lady
1933 Lynn Bari Dancing Lady
1933 Clark Gable Dancing Lady
1933 Franchot Tone Dancing Lady
1933 Larry Steers Dancing Lady
1933 Eve Arden Dancing Lady
1933 Robert Benchley Dancing Lady
1933 Charles Sullivan Dancing Lady
1933 Larry Fine Dancing Lady
1933 Grant Mitchell Dancing Lady
1933 Fred Astaire Dancing Lady
1933 Pat Somerset Dancing Lady
1933 Sterling Holloway Dancing Lady
1933 Moe Howard Dancing Lady
1933 Ted Healy Dancing Lady
1933 William "Wild Bill" Elliott Dancing Lady
1933 Frank S. Hagney Dancing Lady
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