Nelly Arno

Worked With

Year Name Title
1955 Donald Wolfit A Prize of Gold
1955 Nigel Patrick A Prize of Gold
1955 Mai Zetterling A Prize of Gold
1955 George Cole A Prize of Gold
1955 Eric Pohlmann A Prize of Gold
1955 Richard Widmark A Prize of Gold
1954 Michael Craig The Love Lottery
1954 Theodore Bikel The Love Lottery
1954 Peggy Cummins The Love Lottery
1954 Hattie Jacques The Love Lottery
1954 Gordon Jackson The Love Lottery
1954 Felix Aylmer The Love Lottery
1954 Herbert Lom The Love Lottery
1954 David Niven The Love Lottery
1954 Andrea Malandrinos The Love Lottery
1954 Sebastian Cabot The Love Lottery
1954 Humphrey Bogart The Love Lottery
1952 John Bentley Tread Softly
1952 Harry Locke Tread Softly
1952 John Laurie Tread Softly
1950 Dennis Price The Lost People
1950 Peter Bull The Lost People
1950 Richard Attenborough The Lost People
1950 Siobhan McKenna The Lost People
1950 Tutte Lemkow The Lost People
1950 Mai Zetterling The Lost People
1950 David Tomlinson So Long at the Fair
1950 Felix Aylmer So Long at the Fair
1950 Cathleen Nesbitt So Long at the Fair
1950 Andre Morell So Long at the Fair
1950 Jean Simmons So Long at the Fair
1950 Dirk Bogarde So Long at the Fair
1950 Honor Blackman So Long at the Fair
1949 Herbert Lom The Great Manhunt
1949 Russell Waters The Great Manhunt
1949 Carl Jaffe The Great Manhunt
1949 Anton Diffring The Great Manhunt
1949 Jack Hawkins The Great Manhunt
1949 Eric Pohlmann The Great Manhunt
1949 Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. The Great Manhunt
1949 Glynis Johns The Great Manhunt
1949 Trevor Howard The Third Man
1949 Wilfrid Hyde-White The Third Man
1949 Bernard Lee The Third Man
1949 Alida Valli The Third Man
1949 Orson Welles The Third Man
1949 Eric Pohlmann The Third Man
1949 Geoffrey Keen The Third Man
1949 Joseph Cotten The Third Man
1948 Robert Beatty Portrait from Life
1948 Sam Kydd Portrait from Life
1948 Mai Zetterling Portrait from Life
1948 Eric Pohlmann Portrait from Life
1948 Ernst Thesiger Portrait from Life
1948 Herbert Lom Portrait from Life
1948 Michael Hordern Portrait from Life
1948 Thora Hird Portrait from Life
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