Nell Campbell

Worked With

Year Name Title
2013 Lorne Michaels The Last Impresario
2013 John Cleese The Last Impresario
2013 John Waters The Last Impresario
2013 Jeremy Thomas The Last Impresario
2013 Wallace Shawn The Last Impresario
2013 Greta Scacchi The Last Impresario
2013 Naomi Watts The Last Impresario
2013 Rachel Ward The Last Impresario
2000 Patricia Clarkson Joe Gould's Secret
2000 Hope Davis Joe Gould's Secret
2000 Ian Holm Joe Gould's Secret
2000 Aida Turturro Joe Gould's Secret
2000 Steve Martin Joe Gould's Secret
2000 Susan Sarandon Joe Gould's Secret
2000 Stanley Tucci Joe Gould's Secret
1998 Ethan Hawke Great Expectations
1998 Gwyneth Paltrow Great Expectations
1998 Anne Bancroft Great Expectations
1998 Robert De Niro Great Expectations
1998 Hank Azaria Great Expectations
1998 Chris Cooper Great Expectations
1984 Dr. Haing S. Ngor The Killing Fields
1984 Craig T. Nelson The Killing Fields
1984 Athol Fugard The Killing Fields
1984 Sam Waterston The Killing Fields
1984 Bill Paterson The Killing Fields
1984 Spalding Gray The Killing Fields
1984 John Malkovich The Killing Fields
1984 Julian Sands The Killing Fields
1983 Michael Craig Stanley
1982 Jenny Wright Pink Floyd: The Wall
1982 Joanne Whalley Pink Floyd: The Wall
1982 Bob Hoskins Pink Floyd: The Wall
1981 Jessica Harper Shock Treatment
1981 Charles Gray Shock Treatment
1979 Divine I Wanna Be a Beauty Queen
1977 Michelle Johnson Journey among Women
1975 Patsy Kensit Alfie Darling
1975 Ringo Starr Lisztomania
1975 Murray Melvin Lisztomania
1975 Oliver Reed Lisztomania
1975 Fiona Lewis Lisztomania
1975 John Justin Lisztomania
1975 Meat Loaf The Rocky Horror Picture Show
1975 Susan Sarandon The Rocky Horror Picture Show
1975 Tim Curry The Rocky Horror Picture Show
1975 Barry Bostwick The Rocky Horror Picture Show
1975 Charles Gray The Rocky Horror Picture Show
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