A Generally Good Time

By cassandraellwood
Written April 19, 2014
I saw an early screening of NEIGHBORS on Tuesday, and I'm surprised to say that I actually enjoyed it. I'm not a huge Seth Rogen fan--his style of comedy usually doesn't do much for me--but I still prefer him to Will Farrell and that bunch. That being said, certain things that you expect from Rogen hold true here, like weed jokes and an overload of sexual humor (there's a TON). If that's not your thing, this is not your movie. Some of the jokes are ridiculous, sure, and not in a good way. A few obvious gags left the theater completely silent. Some of them are tired, and a lot of them rely heavily on sight gags to get to the punchline. Cast chemistry was great, especially between Rogen and Efron. Rose Byrne shines, and is sometimes the best thing happening on screen. Surprisingly, there are very few truly cringe-worthy moments going on here, and the pacing throughout is really good--there were only a couple of instances where a bit went on too long. All in all, I enjoyed it.
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funny but be aware of the content please

By chrisd23902
Written May 06, 2014
ok first off the movie was good for what it was made for a summer like comedy that's full of laughs and a good time but I can't really recommend that u take the family way too much foul language and nudity don't let your guard down with this one there were 2 strong sexual scenes and two scenes of nudity 'nt counting the sex scenes 'they had nudity as well but if you are willing to let your kids see 2 scenes of female breast then by all means take the family not as dirty and raw as i had originally planned but i wouldn't take a small child and too teenagers if the above content sounds like it may embarise u too take your parents too please do your self a favor and don't but its a wonderful movie and i recommend older teenagers and adults see it 'separately if possible ' but still best comedy of the year so far just not really for kids but I still say see it if u can appreciate the humor and not get easily offended you see it ' don't say i didn't warn you about the content though
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very funny

By amelia6984
Written May 10, 2014
I really enjoyed the movie..it had a lot parts like gay scenes but other than that it was funny.. I love seth Rogan.and Dave franco..must see.
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That. Was. Funny.

By Marines1994
Written May 09, 2014
The movie had it's highs and lows. Lots of hilarious parts that left me in stitches. Way too much sex, drugs, and alcohol.
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By softballstar16
Written May 10, 2014
dumb but hilarious
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