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Need For Speed Synopsis
A auto-mechanic and ex-NASCAR driver feel the need for speed.
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See it if you like car chases .

By yankeenatman
Excellent car chase scenes, and amazing stunts throughout. Aaron Paul is good and English actress Imogen Poots is Helen Mirren's twin in her 20's minus the boobs .lol Yes its like Fast and Furious...

Need For Speed

By anniereb
A really good movie, lots of action with comedy thrown in for good measure. The only problem was I needed a rewind option so I could watch parts of the movie again. I will be purchasing the DVD as...

Great movie for a fun time

By Toadster88
This movie was decent, not spectacular - but I will admit that it had me on the edge of my seat for most of the car scenes. Definitely not for the squeamish behind the wheel as the cars and...

Driving Crazy

By wiuque4
I like car movies. The sound and visuals in this movie were pretty good. The acting was ok, but the main theme of cars racing was pretty good. Loved the Mustang....

Fast cars: what's not to love? A lot.

By bradleywheelis
If you love cars and speed and chases, you'll love this movie. It's about testosterone and it got my juices flowing for sure. It took discipline not to speed on my way home from the theatre. If...

Excellent Movie

By T1gerClaw
I'm so glad I saw this despite the critics said. The driving was great, and I think the story is just what it needed to be. It was funny at times, sad at times, and exciting most of the time. I think...

Lives up to its billing

By athosmr
I've been playing the Need for Speed games since the late 90s and there was so much about this movie that reminded me of NFS Hot Pursuit (the 2nd one) with all the fancy cars. There was lots of...

Need for Speed Review

By Ez2njoy
I liked the movie a lot, it was slow moving at first, then about 1/2 through it was really great after that! I was glad to see it....

Pleasantly Surprised

By thegirls997
I went to see this movie not expecting a lot and found myself thoroughly enjoying it! The car scenes were great, the story not so typical and overall a very good evening out....

Need For Speed

By Starjm
This movie has something most do not nowadays: NO CGI! The story is mainly formulaic, but the performances as well as the action make it an entertaining couple of hours. Aaron Paul, mainly known...

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Rated PG-13 | For Disturbing Crash Scenes, Crude Language, Nudity and Seq. of Reckless Street Racing
What Parents Need to Know
Common Sense Media says Fast-paced stunts, dangerous driving will thrill teens.
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