Need for Speed 3D Synopsis
A auto-mechanic and ex-NASCAR driver feel the need for speed.

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Philadelphia Inquirer

By Steven Rea
It's the cars, and the mega-horsepowered action, that matter most. With its driver-POV spinouts, wrong-way chases, and multilane median...
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Chicago Sun-Times

By Bill Zwecker
The best parts of Need for Speed are the actual racing and chasing sequences — a true thrill ride for the audience as the story unfolds.
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Chicago Tribune

By Michael Phillips
When the actors are in cars, the movie's fun. When they get out to argue, or seethe, it's uh-oh time. Happily, director Scott Waugh comes...
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By Scott Foundas
Paul plays the part with the flinty, tightly wound charisma of a small man who makes up in moxie what he lacks in stature. There’s...
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A snoozy-but-diverting, lightly constipated B-movie.
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Movie Nation

By Roger Moore
The cast doesn’t have the sassy swagger of the “Fast & Furious” crew. Paul, surrounded by co-stars of the same modest height, isn’t...
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San Francisco Chronicle

By Mick LaSalle
Though overlong and formulaic, two things keep this street-racing movie of interest all the way to the finish line. The first is Aaron Paul...
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Entertainment Weekly

By Keith Staskiewicz
A moderately popular racing series that the powers that be have tried to turn into a turbo-boosted stunt-car extravaganza of the same make...
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The Hollywood Reporter

Need For Speed is a flat, sexless movie that seems not to understand why people like to sit in the driver’s seat and rev that big engine:...
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USA Today

By Claudia Puig
Ostensibly meant to be light entertainment. If light is synonymous with preposterous, frenetic and noisy, it qualifies.
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By richcullen30
Wow so I just returned from seeing need for speed based off the popular plotless video game series. Well those of you hoping for a two hr and ten minute adaptation that sticks close to the source...

Need for Speed _ more please!

By pkbch
Really really good! Better than I thought. Not a slow, boring moment in the whole movie! No need to to see it in 3D though! I loved this movie!...

Need for Speed Uses Familiar Plot

By jwolford6
The "revenge after getting out of jail" theme has been used repeatedly by Hollywood. You may be a little bit bored by this latest usage of the idea. ***Jim***Sleepy Hollow, IL...


By Staydown046
Simply once a video game made into a movie. I am glad it stuck to as is. The movie was just like the video game and the directors stuck to it! Thats what made this movie...


By schaefeh19440
Not an Academy award winner, but a fun movie with lots of action, racing, and crashes. Saw it in 3D. Not sure it was worth seeing it in 3D. They had a few 'token' 3D effects, but the movie would be...

Need for Speed 3D

By ava2006
Loved the movie. Felt it was as good as any of The Fast & Furious movies. Loved the 3D.It really brought me into the movie. Hope Aaron Paul will be doing more in the future....

A Car Movie

By Deer1234
I believe anyone that likes sports cars will enjoy this movie, but I think teens will enjoy it the best. It has some morals written into the film that teens can check out. Also, the main characters...

A Must See

By girlredsox24
This movie is worth seeing. But only if you're into fast cars. I most enjoyed the 3D effect. Puts you right there. I teared up at one point but laughed at another. Lots of action as I would have...

Need for Speed

By jmassopust
If you like the "Fast and Furious" Movies you will absolutely love this movie. Reminiscent of the old "Vanishing Point" movie of the '70's. Yes I am old street drag-racer from the '60's. Many a night...

Lots of fun

By rsb64012
The movie was very enjoyable. For a movie about cars, it had more plot than you might expect. The actors were well cast. There were some very humorous moments, especially the scene in the office! ...

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Rated PG-13 | For Disturbing Crash Scenes, Crude Language, Nudity and Seq. of Reckless Street Racing
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Common Sense Media says Pause for kids 13 & under Fast-paced stunts, dangerous driving will thrill teens.
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