A Great Little Film

By lisasheirer
Written February 07, 2014
This film slowly builds and the characters grow on you. Well acted, beautifully shot. Bruce Dern is at his best! A nice little story. It reminded me of my mother, we went through a very similar situation. The film is not for children, it is a mature subject.
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By dwightedmundfenton
Written December 02, 2013
Good enough I guess, but long and somewhat tedious. Boring? Given all the hype, I was really surprised at how unimpressive it was. Black and white does not = indy magic.
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This was an excellent movie!

By Luv2CMovies2
Written January 16, 2014
My husband is from Nebraska..and since part of the film was shot in Billings, Montan where we live, we wanted to see it. Bruce Dern and his son, in the film were spot on people..not actors portraying people. It was a story that brought laughter, tears and an incredible portrayal of family dynamics that, in the final analysis, was surprising, It is a great character study and the "Nebraska family" actors, must have been plucked off the streets of that small town. Shooting the movie in black and white was an excellent move by the director..it brought out so much of the stark lack of connection in so much of the story. Be sure to see this movie...you'll be thinking of it long after you leave the theater.
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By mrs4401
Written March 03, 2014
This movie is for the over 50 crowd . I enjoyed the way the Son showed his love for his father and how the brothers worked together to care for both parents. I thought the film was a real slice of life for today's world. Unemployment and the end of the family farms has devasted our mid-west and yet these people carry on. It was real and I did cry as well as laugh. It was a real love story in the end the Mother showed her love for the Father by brushing his hair how often did I see my Mother do this same thing to my Father when he was Ill.The Mother stepping in to protect her sons from the brute cousins (who possibly if they had jobs would not have been this way.) But due to their financial problems they were overcome by greed.
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Dern it, go see him!

By Ognadnaf21
Written February 25, 2014
Yes, it's about the delusions of a geezer, yes his spouse is definitely an elderly shrew, and yes the black and white of Nebraska is certainly depressing...so those are reasons to go see this surprising masterpiece. You'd never think a dull dreary topic like Nebraska and an old man's dream of a winning lottery ticket would be the stuff Oscars are made of, but as sure as the sun rises in the morning (even in Nebraska) this coot flick will win any number of Academy Awards...
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