It doesn't matter

By orcasong
Written January 26, 2014
An excellent film especially for audiences that can relate to the advanced aging of themselves or family members. In this story, an aging man of few words simply says what he means but his words are consistently ignored by family because they think he is out of touch with reality. He is, but his condition and persistence ultimately serve to reveal the better and worse sides of human emotion and behavior. It is alternately sad, touching, and funny. A well crafted story, the only (very minor) "flaw" being the slight need to further develop the character of the son's girlfriend. The acting is excellent across the board. The film is in black and white which fits the setting and characters extremely well. I came away from this film feeling that I had been on the journey with the central character and his family. Having rural roots helped in that regard. I didn't think American Hustle had a rival for best film this year, but his one is certainly worthy of consideration.
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One of the Year's Best

By umbe5370
Written December 22, 2013
Excellent acting and the black and white shot in winter was really breathtaking. One of the highlights were the non-professional locals who appeared as the residents of the small town. June Sqibb as Kate was just perfect. I've seen 75 films so far this year and this in in my top five (Blue Jasmine still #1).
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Nebraska - A fine film, for the patient viewer

By peterunger
Written December 29, 2013
This is a truly excellent movie, though it is not for everyone. There are periods in the film when little is happening, and where you can easily become less engaged. But it is a great depiction of what life is like in many families, and of the aging of the rural poor, in areas where there is little opportunity for the younger generation. And, the love of old Woody's younger son, David, for his old father is extremely moving.
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By dcarroll55
Written December 23, 2013
Wrought in black and white, more real than colorized these mid-west towns bloated, trivial and complacently contented whose residents fought past wars, lived loveless lives, bore the next generation, released painful memories and held to simple yet poignant hopes and dreams even while dementia takes its toll. The crucible renders the final: without the love of family we'd have nothing.
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Boring and depressing

By katymcarron
Written January 09, 2014
First of all...I see a lot of movies and consider myself a bit of a movie snob... I thought this movie was a drag. So slow. Depressing. The characters were so uninteresting. I left this thinking, what the hell. It was liking watching paint dry.
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