Must GO To Nebraska!

By jzactor
Written November 19, 2013
Nebraska is a simple, compelling film that is well acted and beautifullly shot in black and white, giving a feel for the cold, stark reality which goes unsaid in the film. It is engaging and touching, funny, ridiculous, hard to believe, yet true to life's odd ways. The film comes from a deep place in the human psyche. The direction is perfect and the actors sublime. It is a lesson and glimpse into the heart and mind of middle America's heartland.
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Great movie

By Maxovrdriv
Written February 09, 2014
A pleasant surprise. It hit home with older parents and the acting was Oscar quality. It would be sad if Bruce Dern did not win, he was absolutely wonderful. Fun to see a new and novel idea, in a move not dependent on special effects but rather a great script and acting. The storyline held true from beginning to end, nothing fake or inserted for any gratuitous purposes. A must see if you like a good old fashion movie.
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Wonderful movie

By I_heart_flicks
Written December 22, 2013
This is a beautiful black and white movie. The story is funny, warm, moving and it may even bring tears to your eyes. Superb acting from Bruce Dern, Will Forte and June Squibb.
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Written December 26, 2013
very endearing movie. Bruce did an outstanding and realistic job and his son was just great. Everyone should see it. It is so true to what some of us may have to go through - heaven forbid.
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Nuts about Nebraska

By Shaft917x
Written December 24, 2013
Nebraska was a great film that they do not make anymore. A family drama set in the Midwest. It just goes to show that Hollywood can still make a great movie with pathos and family drama and comedy. Not to be missed are Bruce Dern and June Squibb but the glue that holds it together is Will Forte. As someone who had to take care of his own parents, he captured what it was like to try to be a good son. A great film.
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