By stratchuck
Written December 02, 2013
There were four of us that went to see the movie Nebraska. Two of us rated this movie a Must Go. One of us rated the movie as a GO. The fourth person rated this movie as a so-so. Bottom line this is a go. This movie can be related to real life and we all thought that this can happen in anyone's life. Very funny in parts and not a movie you need tissues. Very good acting on all parts. Bottom line is this movie was worth the monies we paid. Go see it, Chuck
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By nickquaranta
Written December 01, 2013
If you want to see the next Academy Award winner for Best Actor don't miss this otherwise incredibly realistic pretrial of relationship between a son and a father he so desperately wants to connect to before the end of his life! Bruce Dern is amazing and reaches the heights in his long acting career, I believe he will finally get the acknowledgement he deserves for a career well done!
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Love, dignity, aging, relationships....all wrapped up in a black and white package

By hurleygirley604
Written November 25, 2013
This is not a comedy and the folks who reviewed it that saw it that way missed the meaning of this flick. The wife/mom in this movie was not funny, just representational of all wives/moms of the time and place. Baby boomers who have lost a parent or who are care givers to their parents will appreciate the depth of Mr. Payne's loving portrayal of father and son. And, hopefully, if they still have either of their parents, they will learn from it. This film portrays the way it is "supposed" to be, the way that we all would want it in the latter years of our lives. Indulge them if you can...they won't be here long and you will learn so much from the relationship (or the little journey as shown in this film) will carry you to your own time. This is one of the best films I have ever seen. Touched me to the core. It is about love. Enjoy it and cry. For older adults who get it. Acting superb. Cinematography superb. Directing superb. Twenty somethings will walk out.
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By bbrunner
Written January 01, 2014
Cinematography made the movie for me in that it was direct and seemed unadulterated. It was coming of age for David who seemingly missed much of his family history (Korean war and his dad, financial problems, alcoholism), complexities in his parent's background and ambivalent relationship. He was without innocent except when he tells the magazine award worker that his Dad "believes what people tell him". How did he achieve the demonstrated level of understanding and compassion but had no clue about his failed romantic relationship? How did he stand up to Pegram, but achieve so little in his life? Woody wanted to leave something to his sons but do we know why except that he would do anything for people (apparently mainly fix their cars) but had done little or nothing for his sons? The vaudevillian/slapstick humor (the mugging by the cousins, the stealing of the air compressor, mom's raunchiness etc.) were probably necessary release valves but uninspired.
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By suemarie
Written January 11, 2014
I loved this movie. Charming, sweet, thoughtful, and FUNNY. An quiet elderly man thinks that he has won a million dollars. His son takes him on a road trip to pacify him. The acting was soo good, especially June Squibb as the loud, *****y wife. If you liked "The Descendants" directed by Alexander Payne you will like this as well. Good for teens and older. Great way to spend a couple hours.
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