Down home

By bloomie
Written December 02, 2013
Movie was a quaint mixture of true-to life personalities in rural America. If you grew up in a small town, you will recognize several of the characters. Funny, poignant, even sad at times. All in black and white that helps give a true feeling to the movie.
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A Powerful Movie

By millerste
Written December 08, 2013
Excellent movie--beautifully acted and photographed. Sad but also very funny at times. A few scenes were implausible or over-the-top but they were only minor irritations. Bruce Dern deserves an academy award for his performance, but all the acting is excellent.
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Best movie I've seen so far this year

By sroberts80
Written December 15, 2013
"Nebraska" isn't your standard "flashy holiday movie fare." It takes its time, and that's fine. Shot in gorgeous widescreen black and white and featuring the best acting ensemble this year (Dern and Squibb deserve Oscars, and Forte and Odenkirk are revelatory), it's funny, wistful and true, and it sticks with you long after the credits roll.
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By fdixon66
Written December 14, 2013
It is so rare to see an independent movie about such a simple story, that is so pitch perfect in all the nuances of a family's life, I thoroughly enjoyed every minute and highly recommend the movie to anyone who has a loved one suffering from Alzheimers, this movie got it right, the walking movements, dialogue, even the stare out into space from Bruce Dern reminded me of my grandfather, it made me smile remembering all the good times I had with my grandfather. This movie deals with the disease in such a graceful, respectful and sincere manner that it is easy to watch. The movie is full of humorous moments, and a few shocking ones, if you know Alexander Paynes work, there are always a few surprises along the way, the ending was very satisfying and I hope this little movie gets as many awards as it has been nominated for, absolutely perfect
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Very slow and in Black and White.....

By lmhider
Written December 12, 2013
I never bought into the movie. The main actor did a good job of being a old man in his final years. Maybe I don't want to be reminded of how limited people can be, not to mention how petty and selfish we can be.
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