By zece
Written February 07, 2015
Wonderful story of a son and his ailing dad's last wishes. It's a road trip that unfolds with family stories being told at surprising moments . Terrific cast . Poignant with humor and some drama. Cinematography stunning in black and white and sepia tones. It's a slice of America hidden deep in Montana and Nebraska. I love that the movie has no glamorous actors nor actresses. No designer duds or perfect hair or perfect makeup as much as I enjoy those parts of life. But every now and then we need to see this part of America.
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By careddig
Written December 15, 2013
This is a very difficult movie to make; not one special effect, stark black and white, a bunch of old actors whom no one would find appealing. Yet Bruce Dern and the amazing ensemble cast tugged at our heartstrings from the very beginning to the poignant ending. This movie especially talked to any one who grew up in small town America, and the Midwest. What a great lesson for Citi folk.
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Alexander Payne: American Treasure

By sjur03
Written November 20, 2013
All Payne films are classics, Alexander knows how to tell a perfect story that intertwines all those small moments that define us as Americans and are f***in funny as HELL!!! See all his films, not just this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nebraska is a documentary about how awfully dull and stupid A LOT of RED NECK Midwesterners are!!!!!! Believe me, I lived it!!!!!!
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By Rick's Movies
Written December 26, 2013
dark humor but extremely realistic (were some of the characters locals or real actors?). If you don't'get it, you might think it is depressing, but it isn't at all.
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good not great

By the_wiz
Written December 22, 2013
A bleak movie about a bleak place and bleak lives. Well written and brilliantly acted, especially by Bruce Dern, this film take the viewer inside another dysfunctional family (as in the director's previous The Descendants), but in an upper midwest landscape that looks (to me) as close to hell as the Hawaii in the previous movie looked like heaven. The dying hometown to which the characters return is a sad and bleak a place as I have seen on film since the Ozark badlands of Winter's Bone. No drugs in this sad place though, just small minded, emotionally numb characters who, given the chance here, are able to muster up a repugnant mix of greed, bullying, and stupidity. The transformation in the father son relationship is the saving grace, but I keep comparing this to David Lynch's the Straight Story, which covers similar ground but provides more insight into character of the older man than this one, which focuses on how the son comes to understand his own family's history.
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