Beyond Boring

By lori2430
Written March 02, 2014
I had high hopes for this movie and am streaming it as I type this only because my fiancee refuses to not finish a movie he's started. If he weren't here, I'd shut it off. I don't need an action film, but something has to happen. Something. Anything.
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By jeankaelin
Written February 23, 2014
Great film Did justice to characters and land by shooting in B/W. Well cast. Only issue is that growing up there and knowing folks, the mother would have never said "^^^^". I doubt that she would have done the graveyard scene either. Otherwise, these charactoers are as real as they get.
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A sad but telling depiction of aging

By paladino500
Written March 02, 2014
This isn't a feel-good movie but I loved it because it's truthful. It's not for kids but for anyone who is of a certain age it offers glimpses into aging can be either depressing if you've lost hope -- or it offers a cautionary tale of how important it is to plan for a happy and productive old age. Acting, directing and cinematography is first rate.
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Good show in black and white

By qnmum1
Written February 14, 2014
I liked it. Showed the aging process and the bond between father and sons that was not expressed in the old days. I liked the ending. Younger people would not understand the dynamics as well as 50+ adults.
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loved Bruce Dern but it was so sloooooow

By 3030jean
Written February 08, 2014
loved the black and white I am from the midwest so it was fun seeing all the old fashioned buildings/houses the jar of pickled eggs on the bar - just like small towns I grew up in
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