Navid Negahban

Worked With

Year Name Title
2013 Marianne Jean-Baptiste The Moment
2013 Jennifer Jason Leigh The Moment
2013 Meat Loaf The Moment
2013 Christopher Walken The Power of Few
2013 Christian Slater The Power of Few
2013 Juliette Binoche Words and Pictures
2013 Bruce Davison Words and Pictures
2013 Clive Owen Words and Pictures
2012 Mandy Patinkin Homeland: Season 02
2012 Jamey Sheridan Homeland: Season 02
2012 Claire Danes Homeland: Season 02
2011 Michael Lerner Atlas Shrugged Part I
2011 Michael O'Keefe Atlas Shrugged Part I
2011 Jon Polito Atlas Shrugged Part I
2009 Sam Shepard Brothers
2009 Jake Gyllenhaal Brothers
2009 Mare Winningham Brothers
2009 Tobey Maguire Brothers
2009 Natalie Portman Brothers
2005 Geoffrey Lewis The Fallen Ones
2005 Tom Bosley The Fallen Ones
2005 Robert Wagner The Fallen Ones
2005 Christopher Meloni Pretty Persuasion
2005 James Woods Pretty Persuasion
2004 Tom Skerritt Homeland Security
2004 Scott Glenn Homeland Security
2003 Michael Rooker Saving Jessica Lynch
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