Great fun!

By vstrasburger
Written March 02, 2012
Really fun seeing this -- great camera-work, very thoughtful staging.
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NT-Live, The Comedy of Errors

By rml52
Written March 02, 2012
Loved this production. Well acted and so much fun! So nice to be able to see live theater. We have seen other plays through NT-Live and have enjoyed all. Would highly recommend to anyone.
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did not like - National Theater Live: The Comedy of Errors

By lmedrish
Written March 02, 2012
I did not like this at all. First time I walked out on one of the HD events. Actors were hard to understand - most of them had regional accents. Usually, I have no problem with Shakespeare's English, but combined with the accents, it was very hard to understand.
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Shakespeare at its Funniest

By Bostonflick
Written August 28, 2014
This is a wonderful performance, great ensemble acting, the audience was laughing all the way through. I recommend it highly to theater lovers. The National Theater is unbelievably good.
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Shakespearean Slapstick

By Honkisz
Written March 02, 2012
The National Theatre's production of Comedy of Errors is not your grandmother's Shakespeare, but a very entertaining updating of the bard with some witty comedic touches by an excellent cast. The wandering onstage band is a wonderful touch. The production moves at breakneck speed to the play's ultimate revelation of mistaken identities and unknown relationships that drive the plot. It is a helluva romp and well worth seeing.
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