National Theater Live: Frankenstein (Reverse Casting) Synopsis
Frankenstein's vengeful creature strikes a terrifying bargain with his creator.

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By teh_twink
I saw what Fandango calls the "reverse casting", wherein Benedict Cumberbatch played Victor Frankenstein and Jonny Lee Miller played his Creature. At first, I had wanted to see Benedict as the...

Worth the 2nd ticket

By subtle science
The reverse casting of the National Theater production of Frankenstein is as worthwhile and satisfying a theater experience as is the original casting--just in a different way. Jonny Lee Miller is...

Phenomenal Production

By stephenmwhite
I saw Cumberbatch as the monster in 2011 and Miller in 2013. Both versions I found inspiring and magnificent. Naturally each had their own interpretation, but each was riveting. I enjoyed seeing...

Superb Frankenstein (Reverse Casting)

By susanwatson16
With Jonny Lee Miller in the part of the monster, this production was breathtaking. To watch the monster come out of shell and teach himself to stand walk and advance is just riveting. The first...


By cathysch1
Thank you for bringing Live National Theatre to the movie screen. It is such a treat to enjoy the talent of amazing acting up close like this! This play was unlike anything I have ever seen! It...

An amazing rendition of mary shelley's classic tale

By Gloria Oliver
For most people, this version of "Frankenstein" will seem odd because it won't conform to what they know from all the previous movies based on the novel. This rendition actually sticks very close to...

Benedict Cumberbatch

By sarahlou153
I LOVE Ben Cumberbatch!!!!! He did such an amazing job as Frankenstein. I wissh I had seen him play the monster too. The director did a great job with having both men play the monster and the...

Absolutely Amazing!

By jdreher9
I've never gone to a fathom event before, and I am very happy that Frankenstein was my first one. Benedict Cumberbatch did an amazing job as both the creature and the doctor, and so did Johnny Lee...

Frankenstein was INCREDIBLE

By icharus331
So, I only found out about the Encore showings via a last-minute article in my local paper a day late and I was so upset! Fortunately, after some research, I found out that the reverse casting show...

Frankenstein A Monster of a Play

By bb314
I went to both nights. What a great idea to have two strong actors and then switch them in two strong roles. The play is excellent. Directing excellent. Although both actors are top in their field,...

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