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By quiller36
Absolutely superb in all aspects. Bravo....

Collaborators - NT Love

By richardrad
National Theatre Live (British spelling) is a video broadcast of plays to cinemas. Sounds boring, huh? Nothing doing. The sophisticated production looks and sounds great: the National Theatre does...


By Kingsbridge
This was a fabulous production. The play was tragic, comic, engaging. The acting was fantastic, especially Alex Jennings as Bulgakov. If you knew something about the period and the personalities,...

Sensational cast and production of intriguing play

By rsasa
Can an artist collaborate with a repressive regime in an innocuous way? The answer is no and it can cost more than a good name. Splendid performances by Simon Russell Beale and Alex Jennings and...


By john936
Wonderful. My third NT production on Fathom. Keep 'em coming!...


By nickskitzriv1
A wonderful play: wonderfully acted and staged. The theater was almost empty. We will try to spread the word, espedcially, to the many we know who love and attend all the opera simulcasts. It would...

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