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Great Play!

By MsMistyMadison
Written February 19, 2014
Coriolanus, as a whole, was beyond expectations! They had tears in my eyes and my heart pounding - and with only a 10 by 10 square foot stage with minimal props! Absolutely brilliant! The only thing I was not a fan of, the 20 minutes of promos that ran over and over well after the 7pm start time.
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So glad I saw this!

By rothgirl44
Written February 14, 2014
Tom Hiddleston is a mind-blowing actor. And this is the perfect way to see Coriolanus - the intimacy and closeness allows you to identify and care for these characters.
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National Theater Live: Coriolanus

By mesuraion
Written February 21, 2014
Play itself was interesting/enjoyable, despite my never having heard of it before. Bonus interviews, production video added to the exp. All acting was superb. However, the audience (Plano Angelika) was among the worst I've ever endured during a movie. It felt like the vast majority of the audience was only there to coo over Tom Hiddleston, and didn't care a thing for Shakespeare or common movie/theater etiquette. I am female and probably wouldn't have gone to see this play had it not been for the leading actor. However, the audience was so bad I felt embarrassed (for them, and to be a fan), and they came very close to ruining my experience. It was packed, and we had to ask people if seats were vacant. They snarked that Tom was sitting there, but that he'd move. I sat before the loudest girl in the theater who gasped/moaned sensually through the whole thing and argued w/ her date that Tom Hiddleston was her world/pure perfection/her only reason for living. I think she may have climaxed.
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Brilliant production

By donnalley
Written January 31, 2014
The small Donmar stage makes for the biggest plus as the production doesn't get bogged down with scenery and scene changes. There is complete focus on the individual and each actor gives a fantastic portrayal. One's prejudices against this play are shattered with this don't miss production.
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Coriolanus -- Spellbinding!

By jkbinney
Written February 03, 2014
I hope there will be other opportunities for people to see this brilliant play that is so rarely performed, at least in the U.S. A fabulous cast -- everyone was superb. Tom Hiddleston actually cried at the end. The story of politics and egos is fitting for any time!
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