National Parks Adventure Synopsis
An off-trail adventure into the mountains and canyons of national parks.

Movie Reviews

Not worth the admission price

By steelheadguide
Been going to national parks, state parks and forests, wild and natural areas all my life so I was very excited about seeing this movie. Very disapointed! Instead of concentrating on a detailed...

National Park documentary 2016

By sheldonmelissa
I thought it was going to be a lot better. This 40 min documentary is on rock climbers much more than you would expect. I would give it 1.5 stars. Go rent Ken Burns 6 DVDs from 2010/11, much better...

What a waste!

By ams06202000
This "documentary" has little to do with National Parks and more to do with 3 randomly selected hikers riding in a Subaru (the film's sponsor) to their destination and laughing at each others' rock...

By Sandyschuchardt
Took my12 year old twin grandchildren to see this beautiful film...they had not been to any of the Natioal Parks & they loved it because they love nature and thought it was beautiful. The music in...


By RCA23452
We saw this at the Omni Theater at the Children's Museum in Fort Worth. It was amazing! We really felt like we were at all these amazing places. It had some really beautiful views, especially of...


By mcguirematthew
My wife and I live for hiking and exploring national parks! We love the outdoors and this film gave us that amazing, familiar feeling you get when you first look out at seemingly empty landscape and...

Great movie!

By tanyamickey
This movie made me want to buy an RV, load up the kids and hit the road to tour our great nations naturally beautiful lands!...

good music

By thriftscottc
The music was the best part of this movie. All in all, not very interesting....

Sad film of people trampling the Nat'l Parks

By bpt2002mpt
Although the film is beautifully shot, the movie is infuriatingly hypocritical about the preservation of our National Parks. The characters in the movie are unnecessary and very unauthentic....

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