Very Entertaining

By jimbobx7
Written December 11, 2006
Most would say that sequels can't compete against the original. In my humble opinion, I think The Rise of Taj was very entertaining, perhaps even more so than the original. If you're looking for a good movie to sit down and watch and laugh with friends, this is the movie to watch.
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A must see movie

By Skoochi
Written November 29, 2006
I think that this movie is going to be so funny and a must see
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I think everyone expected ALOT more...

By herbrock17
Written December 05, 2006
Was it my fault that I expected ALOT more from a movie dawning the "Van Wilder" title?? My wife fell asleep but I am more patient and gave the movie a real chance. I just kept telling myself "this movie has to get better at some point".....unfortunately, it didn't. Kal Penn's short appearance in "National Lampoons Van Wilder 1" was funnier than the entire "The Rise of Taj" sequel...even "Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle" was alot funnier and more original (even though only a little bit of was filmed in NEW JERSEY). I usually rate movies by 1) WORTH WATCHING IN THEATERS, 2) WORTH WAITING FOR THE DVD, 3) WORTH WATCHING IN THEATERS AND BUYING THE DVD, 4) WORTH RENTING, and 5) NONE OF THE my opinion, "National Lampoons Van Wilder 2: The Rise of Taj" was a 5) NONE OF THE your money.
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Written December 15, 2006
Pretty good. almost the same story as the first, but not as funny. van doesnt show up again like i thought he would but overall it was ok
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By les_paul
Written November 27, 2006

FILLED with nudity. If you are a sick pervert go see it!!!! sucks!!!!!

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