National Lampoon's Van Wilder: The Rise of Taj Synopsis
Taj (Kal Penn) shows straight-laced students at a British university how to party.
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Very Entertaining

By jimbobx7
Most would say that sequels can't compete against the original. In my humble opinion, I think The Rise of Taj was very entertaining, perhaps even more so than the original. If you're looking for a...

A must see movie

By Skoochi
I think that this movie is going to be so funny and a must see...

great movie

By no names pleasessseseess
great movie, easy laughs, you don't have to think too hard. if your looking for a thought provoking movie, you're looking in the wrong place. just a relaxed, easy going, funny movie....

Face to the comedy has changed

By mikeybb81
It was a movie that was covering different concepts of college from the first one. The main character Taj might have been simular to Van from the original, but all actions and/or phases coming from...

If you are not paying....

By inhuman_x3
I would recommend this movie if you have seen everything else already. And if someone else is paying. And if you are someone who gets up to go to the bathroom a lot durring movies. And if you want to...

Thought it would be a little better!

By jaxnc-movies
It was about what I had expected, but I went to see it. You can wait until it comes out on DVD. It had a few really good laughs....


By mnsweeps2
Taj was really good in it !!...

For Teens

By moviebuzz120
This movie is a typical National Lampoon movie and if your not going in thinking otherwise of course you going to hate it this is funny if you like bathroom humor and fart jokes. sorry to all the...


By sheldar
The Rise of Taj totally lives up to the Van Wilder standard.. a must see. Was laughing out loud constantly. I plan to add this one to the DVD collection when it gets released.. Well worth the...

Van Suckier Than the Original

By alextellsyouwhattothink
Here's the problem: this "Taj" character lacks the dry, witty, & cruel sarcasm of his predecessor.  I cannot respect a comedic character who is so god damn nice to his fellow...

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What Parents Need to Know
Common Sense Media says Lame, horrid sequel is even worse than the first.
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