What parents need to know

Parents need to know that much of the slapstick humor is obviously directed at preteens, from the cartoon opening to an impossibly high-speed sled ride, but some profanity and mild sexual references make this a questionable choice for the under-13 set. Many laughs depend on mishaps like falling from ladders or traveling in a car stuck underneath a big rig, but nobody gets hurt. A pet cat, however, gets electrocuted. The foul language is toned down a bit from the previous Vacation movies, but moderate to extreme profanities are sprinkled liberally throughout the show. This movie makes all of its characters look ridiculous, but the only negative stereotype is of a busty woman who sells lingerie in the local mall.
  • Families can talk about sequels. Why is a sequel rarely as good as the original?
  • Is there a temptation on the part of movie-makers to essentially repeat a winning formula?
  • If you've seen the other Chevy Chase Vacation movies, did you find anything in this movie surprising?
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