Natalie Martinez

Worked With

Year Name Title
2015 Liam Neeson Run All Night
2015 Ed Harris Run All Night
2015 Vincent D'Onofrio Run All Night
2015 Ben Kingsley Self/less
2013 Barry Pepper Broken City
2013 Catherine Zeta-Jones Broken City
2013 Russell Crowe Broken City
2013 Mark Wahlberg Broken City
2013 Jeffrey Wright Broken City
2013 Griffin Dunne Broken City
2013 Samantha Mathis Under the Dome [TV Series]
2013 Jeff Fahey Under the Dome [TV Series]
2012 Michael Rapaport The Baytown Outlaws
2012 Billy Bob Thornton The Baytown Outlaws
2012 Andre Braugher The Baytown Outlaws
2012 Sela Ward CSI: NY: Season 09
2012 Gary Sinise CSI: NY: Season 09
2012 Jake Gyllenhaal End of Watch
2010 Michael Imperioli Detroit 1-8-7 [TV Series]
2008 Ian McShane Death Race
2008 Joan Allen Death Race
2007 Mel Harris Saints and Sinners [TV Series]
2007 Maria Conchita Alonso Saints and Sinners [TV Series]
2006 Bo Derek Fashion House [TV Series]
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