Nas: Time Is Illmatic Synopsis
Rapper Nas revisits his rise from the projects to the recording of his debut album, "Illmatic."
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Movie Reviews

By Chino191
Fantastic! Illmatic to the 10th power! One Love!...


By wdepena
Great doc on the GOAT MC!...

Time is illMatic

By dlife82
dope documentary....

So apropriate.

By montesjes89
Super happy this was in my city San Diego! What a ******* treat, a student of the game like me, needs **** like this can't Belive I got to see the joint in theatres...

Nas ILLMatic

By yvettemiller3
5 Star movie. Thoroughly enjoyed watching his journey. Profound & honest. The world is yours, ONE LOVE!...


By mspepper1079
If you are a Nas will appreciate this bio! Well done ????...

Nas: Time is Illmatic

By halifuosumare
This is an excellent documentary on one of the most prolific and insightful hip hop emcees of our times. In fact, the movie demonstrates how Nas makes rap poetry THE literature of our era. The...

Ilmatic documentary

By dewhite2010
Great documentary! Even if you have never heard of Nas you will walk away a fan. If you know of Nas's illmatic album, you will walk away with a greater appreciation for the influences and thought...

Nas Time Is Illmatic

By NiceNasty666
This movie was amazing. Being around his friends during that era brought back sooo many memories. You also have to mention his brother Jungle who has been the same dude since I met him in the 90's....


By frankieflowers86
Dope movie. Great to know what was behind the thought process of such a great album. His brother is comical so that added to the balance of the movie too. A must see....

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