Nancy Olson
Date of Birth
Jul 14, 1928
Birth Place:
Milwaukee, WI

Worked With

Year Name Title
2014 Jay Mohr Dumbbells
2014 Carl Reiner Dumbbells
2014 Tom Arnold Dumbbells
1984 Mimi Rogers Paper Dolls [TV Series]
1984 Brenda Vaccaro Paper Dolls [TV Series]
1984 Lauren Hutton Paper Dolls [TV Series]
1984 Lloyd Bridges Paper Dolls [TV Series]
1984 Jonathan Frakes Paper Dolls [TV Series]
1982 Arthur Hill Making Love
1982 Wendy Hiller Making Love
1982 Harry Hamlin Making Love
1982 Lynn Stalmaster Making Love
1982 Michael Ontkean Making Love
1975 Pat Hingle The Streets of San Francisco: Web of Lies
1974 Conrad Janis Airport 1975
1974 George Kennedy Airport 1975
1974 Larry Storch Airport 1975
1974 Gloria Swanson Airport 1975
1974 Myrna Loy Airport 1975
1974 Karen Black Airport 1975
1974 Charlton Heston Airport 1975
1974 Jerry Stiller Airport 1975
1974 Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. Airport 1975
1974 Roy Thinnes Airport 1975
1974 Norman Fell Airport 1975
1974 Linda Blair Airport 1975
1974 Beverly Garland Airport 1975
1974 Sharon Gless Airport 1975
1974 Ed Nelson Airport 1975
1974 Martha Scott Airport 1975
1974 Dana Andrews Airport 1975
1974 Sid Caesar Airport 1975
1974 Pat Harrington, Jr. Banacek: Now You See Me, Now You Don't
1972 Keenan Wynn Snowball Express
1972 Dick Van Patten Snowball Express
1972 Dean Jones Snowball Express
1972 Mary Wickes Snowball Express
1969 Glenn Ford Smith!
1969 Keenan Wynn Smith!
1969 Dean Jagger Smith!
1969 Jay Silverheels Smith!
1969 Warren Oates Smith!
1963 Gordon Jones Son of Flubber
1963 Fred MacMurray Son of Flubber
1963 Leon Ames Son of Flubber
1963 Harvey Korman Son of Flubber
1963 Charlie Ruggles Son of Flubber
1963 Robert Shayne Son of Flubber
1963 Joanna Moore Son of Flubber
1963 J. Pat O'Malley Son of Flubber
1963 Edward Andrews Son of Flubber
1963 Keenan Wynn Son of Flubber
1963 Hal Smith Son of Flubber
1963 Paul Lynde Son of Flubber
1963 Ken Murray Son of Flubber
1963 William Demarest Son of Flubber
1963 Jack Albertson Son of Flubber
1963 Joe Flynn Son of Flubber
1963 Stuart Erwin Son of Flubber
1961 Ed Wynn The Absent-Minded Professor
1961 Keenan Wynn The Absent-Minded Professor
1961 David Lewis The Absent-Minded Professor
1961 Fred MacMurray The Absent-Minded Professor
1961 Leon Ames The Absent-Minded Professor
1961 Edward Andrews The Absent-Minded Professor
1960 Agnes Moorehead Pollyanna
1960 Reta Shaw Pollyanna
1960 Anne Seymour Pollyanna
1960 Hayley Mills Pollyanna
1960 Nolan Leary Pollyanna
1960 Adolphe Menjou Pollyanna
1960 Karl Malden Pollyanna
1960 Edward Platt Pollyanna
1960 Ian Wolfe Pollyanna
1960 Donald Crisp Pollyanna
1960 Richard Egan Pollyanna
1960 Jane Wyman Pollyanna
1960 Kevin Corcoran Pollyanna
1960 Edgar Dearing Pollyanna
1960 James Drury Pollyanna
1959 Dave Willock Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Total Loss
1959 Ray Teal Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Total Loss
1956 Julie Andrews Ford Star Jubilee: High Tor
1956 Bing Crosby Ford Star Jubilee: High Tor
1956 Hans Conried Ford Star Jubilee: High Tor
1956 Lloyd Corrigan Ford Star Jubilee: High Tor
1956 Everett Sloane Ford Star Jubilee: High Tor
1955 Perry Lopez Battle Cry
1955 Fess Parker Battle Cry
1955 L.Q. Jones Battle Cry
1955 Allyn Ann McLerie Battle Cry
1955 Raymond Massey Battle Cry
1955 Tab Hunter Battle Cry
1955 Aldo Ray Battle Cry
1955 James Whitmore Battle Cry
1955 Mona Freeman Battle Cry
1955 Anne Francis Battle Cry
1955 Dorothy Malone Battle Cry
1955 Rhys Williams Battle Cry
1955 Van Heflin Battle Cry
1955 Shelley Winters The Women
1955 Mary Astor The Women
1955 Paulette Goddard The Women
1955 Mary Boland The Women
1955 Ruth Hussey The Women
1955 Cathleen Nesbitt The Women
1954 Lon Chaney, Jr. The Boy From Oklahoma
1954 Merv Griffin The Boy From Oklahoma
1954 Wallace Ford The Boy From Oklahoma
1954 Slim Pickens The Boy From Oklahoma
1954 Will Rogers, Jr. The Boy From Oklahoma
1954 Anthony Caruso The Boy From Oklahoma
1953 Grandon Rhodes So Big
1953 Roland Winters So Big
1953 Jane Wyman So Big
1953 Martha Hyer So Big
1953 Dorothy Granger So Big
1953 Vera Miles So Big
1953 Sterling Hayden So Big
1952 Hans Conried Big Jim McLain
1952 John Hubbard Big Jim McLain
1952 James Arness Big Jim McLain
1952 Veda Ann Borg Big Jim McLain
1952 William Forrest Big Jim McLain
1952 John Wayne Big Jim McLain
1952 Peter Whitney Big Jim McLain
1952 Alan Napier Big Jim McLain
1952 Gordon Jones Big Jim McLain
1951 Gene Evans Force of Arms
1951 Frank Lovejoy Force of Arms
1951 Henry Kulky Force of Arms
1951 William Holden Force of Arms
1951 Philip Carey Force of Arms
1951 Charles Meredith Submarine Command
1951 Jack Kelly Submarine Command
1951 Jerry Paris Submarine Command
1951 Don Taylor Submarine Command
1951 George Wallace Submarine Command
1951 Darryl Hickman Submarine Command
1951 William Holden Submarine Command
1951 Walter Reed Submarine Command
1951 William Bendix Submarine Command
1951 Philip Van Zandt Submarine Command
1950 Ruth Hussey Mr. Music
1950 Groucho Marx Mr. Music
1950 Donald Woods Mr. Music
1950 Robert Stack Mr. Music
1950 Tom Ewell Mr. Music
1950 Richard Haydn Mr. Music
1950 Peggy Lee Mr. Music
1950 Charles Coburn Mr. Music
1950 Bing Crosby Mr. Music
1950 Marge Champion Mr. Music
1950 Creighton Hale Sunset Boulevard
1950 Ottola Nesmith Sunset Boulevard
1950 Franklin Farnum Sunset Boulevard
1950 Ruth Clifford Sunset Boulevard
1950 Fred Clark Sunset Boulevard
1950 William Holden Sunset Boulevard
1950 Frank O'Connor Sunset Boulevard
1950 Bert Moorhouse Sunset Boulevard
1950 Cecil B. DeMille Sunset Boulevard
1950 Jack Webb Sunset Boulevard
1950 Erich Von Stroheim Sunset Boulevard
1950 John Miller Sunset Boulevard
1950 Howard Negley Sunset Boulevard
1950 Archie Twitchell Sunset Boulevard
1950 Gloria Swanson Sunset Boulevard
1950 Robert Cornthwaite Union Station
1950 Edgar Dearing Union Station
1950 Dick Elliott Union Station
1950 Parley Baer Union Station
1950 Ralph Byrd Union Station
1950 Jan Sterling Union Station
1950 George Lynn Union Station
1950 Ralph Sanford Union Station
1950 Charles Sherlock Union Station
1950 Barry Fitzgerald Union Station
1950 Howard Negley Union Station
1950 William Holden Union Station
1950 Howard Mitchell Union Station
1949 Howard Negley Canadian Pacific
1949 J. Carrol Naish Canadian Pacific
1949 Jane Wyatt Canadian Pacific
1949 Randolph Scott Canadian Pacific
1949 Don Haggerty Canadian Pacific
1949 John Hamilton Canadian Pacific
1949 Victor Jory Canadian Pacific
1949 Grandon Rhodes Canadian Pacific
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