Let's talk Nancy

By curlymcgraw
Written June 15, 2007
I was able to see this movie and unfortunately I didn't really like it. Mothers with pre-teen daughters may take them and while the pre-teen will like it; mothers, fathers, sons and anyone over 12 will be bored. The story begins slow and all of your favorite Nancy Drew characters from the books are left back home while Nancy and her father travel to LA. The plot of the story is tiresome and other than Corky who makes us laugh we don't care about these characters and the acting is stiff. And who ever heard of Nancy throwing a bomb down a man hole without seeing if there are any men in the hole!
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Nancy Drew is a nice role model for little girls for a change!!!!

By katware26
Written June 22, 2007
This movie was great! I took my soon to be 6 year old to this movie and she loved it!!! She left the movie saying "I want to be just like her when I grow up"! This was refreshing after sitting through previews for the new Bratz movies (which is strictly forbidden in our home)! Nancy Drew was already a favorite and now this movie has brought her back to life for another generation to enjoy!! I hope theres more to come! It was funny, exciting, and just a good movie all around! I definetly recommend you go see this movie!
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By hott_stuff
Written June 11, 2007
This movie was HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!! It had no plot at all. The actors in the movie truly are unable to act. A stick could act better than this! If i were you i would save your money and go eat at McDonalds, your money is better spent. This movie is equal to something off the 99 cents menu. REALLY AND TRULLY THIS MOVIE IS A HUGE WASTE OF TIME!!!!!!!!!
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"Old Fashioned" but Fun -- Go See "Nancy Drew!"

By profseibertdavis
Written June 20, 2007
The new "Nancy Drew" movie is, like its main character, a little old fashioned. There's actually a plot, rather than a sequence of video game-like explosions, "heroic" posturing, and tag lines (i.e., no "Make my day . . .") -- this is a good thing! There are also characters you actually care about. Nancy, her father, and Ned were actually the most compelling to watch, since the actors (and filmmakers) had to work hard to make these characters very much of earlier era fit believeably into our own. Rather than give them a kind of contemporary 'facelift,' which would probably not have worked for either old fans or new ones, the makers of "Nancy Drew" were able to bring the characters' old-fashioned, straight-laced elements believeably into our time. Moving the story to Los Angeles also made the story work as a kind of "fish out of water" situation. Our six year old son, who had only heard of Nancy Drew from Mom, enjoyed the mystery and scary elements, and his parents enjoyed it too.
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Nancy Drew

By wchild1017
Written June 11, 2007
it was amazing awsome ! please do your self a favorite and go see it!
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