Nancy Coleman
Date of Birth
Dec 30, 1917
Birth Place:
Everett, WA

Worked With

Year Name Title
1969 Ossie Davis Slaves
1969 Gale Sondergaard Slaves
1969 Stephen Boyd Slaves
1956 Anthony Quayle The Barretts of Wimpole Street
1956 Henry Daniell The Barretts of Wimpole Street
1953 Roland Young That Man from Tangier
1953 Margaret Wycherly That Man from Tangier
1953 Nils Asther That Man from Tangier
1947 Michael Redgrave Mourning Becomes Electra
1947 Katina Paxinou Mourning Becomes Electra
1947 Elizabeth Risdon Mourning Becomes Electra
1947 Raymond Massey Mourning Becomes Electra
1947 Colin Kenny Mourning Becomes Electra
1947 Thurston Hall Mourning Becomes Electra
1947 Emma Dunn Mourning Becomes Electra
1947 Kirk Douglas Mourning Becomes Electra
1947 Leo Genn Mourning Becomes Electra
1947 Rosalind Russell Mourning Becomes Electra
1947 Peter Whitney Violence
1947 Sheldon Leonard Violence
1947 Michael O'Shea Violence
1947 John Hamilton Violence
1947 William H. Ruhl Violence
1947 Dick Rich Violence
1946 Douglas Fowley Her Sister's Secret
1946 Regis Toomey Her Sister's Secret
1946 Henry Stephenson Her Sister's Secret
1946 Margaret Lindsay Her Sister's Secret
1946 Fritz Feld Her Sister's Secret
1946 Felix Bressart Her Sister's Secret
1945 Olivia de Havilland Devotion
1945 Billy Bevan Devotion
1945 Sydney Greenstreet Devotion
1945 Eily Malyon Devotion
1945 Montagu Love Devotion
1945 Dame May Whitty Devotion
1945 David Thursby Devotion
1945 Arthur Kennedy Devotion
1945 Paul Henreid Devotion
1945 Ida Lupino Devotion
1944 Paul Henreid In Our Time
1944 Ida Lupino In Our Time
1944 Michael Chekhov In Our Time
1944 Alla Nazimova In Our Time
1944 Mary Boland In Our Time
1943 Judith Anderson Edge of Darkness
1943 Monte Blue Edge of Darkness
1943 Henry Brandon Edge of Darkness
1943 Charles Dingle Edge of Darkness
1943 Henry Rowland Edge of Darkness
1943 Walter Huston Edge of Darkness
1943 Helmut Dantine Edge of Darkness
1943 John Beal Edge of Darkness
1943 Ruth Gordon Edge of Darkness
1943 Errol Flynn Edge of Darkness
1943 Peter Van Eyck Edge of Darkness
1943 Morris Carnovsky Edge of Darkness
1943 Virginia Christine Edge of Darkness
1943 Ann Sheridan Edge of Darkness
1942 Esther Dale Dangerously They Live
1942 Audra Lindley Dangerously They Live
1942 Raymond Massey Dangerously They Live
1942 John Garfield Dangerously They Live
1942 Ben Welden Dangerously They Live
1942 John Harmon Dangerously They Live
1942 Lee Patrick Dangerously They Live
1942 Henry Rowland Dangerously They Live
1942 John Ridgely Dangerously They Live
1942 William Hopper Desperate Journey
1942 Alan Hale Desperate Journey
1942 Helmut Dantine Desperate Journey
1942 Douglas Walton Desperate Journey
1942 Sig Rumann Desperate Journey
1942 Albert Basserman Desperate Journey
1942 Arthur Kennedy Desperate Journey
1942 Raymond Massey Desperate Journey
1942 Ronald Reagan Desperate Journey
1942 Henry Rowland Desperate Journey
1942 Otto Reichow Desperate Journey
1942 Errol Flynn Desperate Journey
1942 Donald Crisp The Gay Sisters
1942 Mary Field The Gay Sisters
1942 Donald Woods The Gay Sisters
1942 Larry Simms The Gay Sisters
1942 Gene Lockhart The Gay Sisters
1942 Geraldine Fitzgerald The Gay Sisters
1942 Grant Mitchell The Gay Sisters
1942 Anne Revere The Gay Sisters
1942 George Brent The Gay Sisters
1942 Barbara Stanwyck The Gay Sisters
1942 Creighton Hale The Gay Sisters
1942 Hobart Bosworth The Gay Sisters
1941 Betty Field Kings Row
1941 Harry Davenport Kings Row
1941 Herbert Heywood Kings Row
1941 Maria Ouspenskaya Kings Row
1941 Claude Rains Kings Row
1941 Ronald Reagan Kings Row
1941 Judith Anderson Kings Row
1941 Ann Sheridan Kings Row
1941 Minor Watson Kings Row
1941 Ann E. Todd Kings Row
1941 Scotty Beckett Kings Row
1941 Robert Cummings Kings Row
1941 Charles Coburn Kings Row
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