namaste london

By bollywood mover
Written April 02, 2007
good fun. easy going for 2 hours 30 minutes.
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Great Movie...very funny

By vpatel83
Written March 26, 2007
Great movie
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Namaste London

By tipu06
Written March 26, 2007
The movie is excellent! I think the ending was a question mark though? The question that was on my mind, did jasmeet want to be with Arjun because she loved him or was it because she finally realized he spoke english????? If the answer is that she went with him because he spoke english I am really disappointed, in todays age I think we must really look beyond an individuals persona as we may seem to portray it, instead we as humanbeings should seek and find the admirable humanbeing from within!
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Time pass

By film1026
Written March 26, 2007
Cute movie. Katrina looks hot.
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Worth seeing once

By Aditya S
Written March 25, 2007
The movie could have been made more intresting by a little more creativity being applied. Akshay Kumar looked slightly old and is fast becoming stereotyped in his "funny man" roles - katrina Kaif, most of us would agree, is a great looker who cannot act was in a role that best suited her. Rishi Kapoor is good as usual. You should go leaving logic behind and not expecting too much other than what has already been shown in the movie trailor and hopefully will have a decent time. Songs are a "NO GO". Not sure it will go well with the masses or not as the movie seems to have been made in part english-part hindi model. Thankfully the director does not try to translate every english line said with it being repeated in hindi - that would have been just too much.
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