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My soul to take

By Drez_Digital
Written April 08, 2011
predictable teen slasher nothing new explored and has no scares avoid this rubbish.
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bad. wes craven. retire please. not plot, there was nothing

By surrealboi22
Written November 22, 2010
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It was..... ordinary.

By Gotenhurx
Written October 20, 2010
It wasn't a horror film as much as it was a gory thriller. The story line was basic and the plot was predictable. All in all the movies saving grace was the fact that it delivered what the trailer and previews offered. No more and no less for the most part. In the trailer thee was a hand coming out of no where and grabbing bugs face and this didn't happen in the movie.
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By HanyuuFurude101
Written November 10, 2010
This movie barely had any 3-D parts. The story line was good and any other director could have done an amazing job with it. All in all this movie was stupid and predictable.
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Do NOT waste your money!

By SugarBlossom13
Written October 11, 2010
We paid $14 a ticket to see this in 3D, and it totally wasn't! The foreground was out of focus the entire time ... but the move is just bad! The vilan is NOT scary (and I enjoyed/got scared at "TheGrudge"), there are NO real scary parts, maybe once you're suposed to jump, but there wasn't a good enough build-up ... and I called the ending at the beginning (I usually don't) and that just ruined it for me! Wes Craven, you've LOST your touch!
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