My Sister's Keeper Synopsis
A girl who was conceived as a bone-marrow donor for her gravely ill sister sues her parents.
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Looking In A Mirror (My Sister's Keeper) by Reenie

By jerry1227
I was able to see My Sisters Keeper on the opening night of 6/26/09, which is also my birthday. I was amazed at how closley the movie resembled my own story with my daughter, (Tracy) who passed...


By passion4fashion
I'm soooo excited that this is going to be a movie!!!! The book is AMAZING!!! I cried and cried and cried!!! I'm am definitely going to go see this!...

Bring Tissue

By taraleeg
I was crying in the first 5 min till the very end, happy and sad tears. I took my 9 yo daugher and she loved it also, it is a great message about life and living to your fullest. Loved it! a Must see...

My Sisters Keeper

By kristiflys
My daughter and I rushed out to the midnight performance and enoyed the movie all the way up to the end, I don't want to disappointed you and give any thing away BUT the just of the story leads up to...


By jeanine89
If you read the book your going to hate the movie. If you didn't read the book your going to like the movie....

My Sister's Keeper

By Booklover174
I am a very big Jodi Picoult fan, have read ALL of her books so far and was so looking forward to seeing this novel on screen (since Twlight turned out so well!) Well, the ending was totally...

My Sisters Keeper

By Pheynophilia
A very sad but beautiful movie about sisterhood and the lengths one will go to for the love of a sister. This is definitely a "MUST GO". Not necessarily a date movie, but a great movie to go see with...

“MY SISTER’S KEEPER” – That’s what she is, & someone wants it to STOP! -- Rating: 8 of 10 stars (as seen in an advance preview):

By jimchudnow
Director Cassavetes created a story that could easily have been just a tear-jerker-- but instead has an unusual balance & fine ACTING that adds to its overall worth. Strong-willed Sara (CAMERON DIAZ)...

My Sister's Keeper - The Movie - It's like changing the ending of Twilight!

By kgumtexas
How would all those Twilight fans that read the book...then saw the movie, only to learn that the director changed the ending so that Bella falls in love with Jacob instead of Edward? That is how...

my sisters keeper

By hjtc
I cried from start to finish!! I was a wreck the rest of the day! Every actor in the movie deserves an award especially the sister Kate!! I saw the movie with my daughter. I think all siblings...

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Rated PG-13 | For language, brief teen drinking, mature thematic content, sensuality and some disturbing images
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Common Sense Media says Sad drama has heavy themes about illness, family.
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