My Run Synopsis
A widower runs in 75 consecutive marathons to raise attention to the problems of single parents.

Movie Reviews

Great Movie

By hardrock2580
Lots of funny scenes, lots of emotional scenes. Great story overall and for a great cause. Terry Hitchcock's story is amazing...

Good movie

By joliesaralee
I went to see this movie because I love to run but the underlying message was more about perseverance and strength when faced with adversity, not necessarily about running. I cannot believe Mr,...


What Terry Hitchcock did was amazing & his cause was a good one. But not really what I expected. Thought it would be more inpirational & enlightening on running. Some of my friends fell asleep...

Run to see My Run

By ibellach
If you are a runner this is a must see. Even if you are not a runner and are looking for something to jolt back into life, this will do it. Terry Hitchcock gives a raw genuine account of life with...

My Run

By joe82daz
I Loved this movie, it was very inspiring. I am a runner and a single father so it hit home with me, I am newly re married father of two and I saw the film with my wife and 3 1/2 month old daughter...

My Run

By Veggie_Kathy
Great Movie! I have finished only 8 marathons and just amazed at his ability to continue day after day until he reached Atlanta. This is a must-see film for anyone who says you cannot achieve a...

My Run

By fionathebig
A little slow in the beginning but an incredible story overall. I was teary eyed several times. Could have been a bit more fast-paced. Great outcome ~ everyone has something to offer, and an...

My Run

By shredMor

Very inspirational and well done!

By tiagayepfa
I loved this movie. It was so moving and wonderful. Definitely hope it comes on DVD or is re-released so others can see it!...

My Run was great

By hurryupandrelax123
Great film. Moving story. Inspirational. Dove Award indicated it was a family film....

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