do NOT base your decision on the abortion of a trailer you see here...

By werners
Written June 09, 2016
I've seen this film several times in the origianal Japanese. I can not attest for the quality of the voice-actors used in this translation, BUT... this is a fine film. The animation is beautiful, and the story is simple and sweet. The gigantic Totoro is not ever-present as the trailer would want you to believe, but appears at appropriate times, in situations that are not always as "high-flying" as the trailer would have you believe. The story is REALLY about two girls coping with their mother's illness - and how some imagination and magic can truly make one feel better. Good for the kiddies, and the adults might just shead a tear or crack a smile here and there too.
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AWESOME! - Subtitled 35mm print in a sold out Egyptian theater!

By grizzlybrice
Written February 13, 2012
Was quite an experience seeing a movie so familiar on the giant screen with a packed house at the Egyptian! All the visual jokes and timings worked so well in a room full of energy. I was humming the Totoro theme for the rest of the night!
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By stevenlam
Written February 13, 2012
Glad we had a chance to be a part of the limited screening of My Neighbor Totoro. Seeing this classic on the silver screen is absolutely gorgeous. So much more details of the film being exposed when it is projected on the big screen. Definitely want to see another Gihbli Studio on the big screen next time.
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My Neighbor Totoro

By edwilcox37
Written February 13, 2012
I watched the English language version of Totoro. The only real difference that I could see between Miyazaki's English dubbed and English sub-titled versions is that there is more screaming in the English sub-titled, Japanese language version. The look of the film, the animation, the cute and wonderful stories, and Miyazaki's desire for strong female role models make all of his animations worth seeing several times. Excellent film(s) for older children and adults.
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By taffyfreak101
Written August 29, 2008
first of all this is a spectacular movie. i am a big fan i have seen this movie 10 times it never got old. a tale of may and setsuki who find the king of the forest. kids who love to imagine will love this movie
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