My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks Synopsis
The Rainbooms (Ashleigh Ball, Andrea Libman) battle their rivals in a musical competition.

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By Mkpdjdjd34
I am so happy cant wait im singing the songs nonstop yay and i just love fluttershy...

Based on the first MLPEG movie & sneak peeks.

By donnaroyce
Based on the first MLPEG movie & the sneak peeks on the "Hasbro" "You Tube" site. This is going to be one fun movie with some good music in it. Bloody Hades! Just based on the sneak peeks and a few...

My Little Pony Rainbow Rocks finally came out!

By susygm94781
I love this movie and all sneek peeks! This is movie is why its call "Rainbow Rocks" because the Dazzlings (Adagio Dazzle and Sonata Dusk and Aria Blaze) are wearing these strange red-gem necklaces to...

Fun For MLP Fans!

By swredwine
Rainbow Rocks is a great continuation of the MLP Equestria girls story and my daughter loved it!...

This Looks Perfect

By Rainbronydash
By Looking At The Sneak Peeks And The Hasbro Shorts It Looks SO GREAT!!!!!!...

my children lived it!

By liliher

120% Cooler than the Original

By ghostof101586
I know the whole Equestria Girls universe isn't something that everyone loves. But that's okay, because the fact that the girls are human in this one is totally irrelevant. This one picks up directly...

Much better than the first!

By benmatf96
Being a huge brony, this movie was amazing. I had seen the first one, but even though I enjoyed it, it had several flaws. This time around, they fixed all of those flaws and perfectly executed it....

Rainbows Do ROCK!!!

By unworthylord825
Unfortunately I got to the theater 20 minutes late so I missed a bit of the first part :(. Nevertheless I had a wonderful time watching. Loved the music and I can't wait to buy the album. The sirens...

Rainbow really does Rock

By SlyFox
If you are a MLP fan and enjoyed the first movie, then there will be no disappointment. I had my doubts about them making a second movie but they delivered. This is considered a kids film but as I...

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Common Sense Media says Friendship tale has positive messages; some sinister parts.
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