By xwing101
Written October 05, 2007
It looks interesting and it has to do with abstract art.
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Unusually Good as it is Surprising!

By LindaItaly
Written October 06, 2007
Thank you, Amir Bar-Lev, for making this beautiful DocuFilm, a true work of art in itself . . . and as you found out, the result of true art is not always for everyone. I commend you for your truthfulness as your camara took you places you may never have wanted to go . . . and still you gave this wonderful film to us. As for me and the people in the theater sitting around me, we agree with your conclusion . . . while she does seem talented, she is definitely influenced by her father's input, and unsure to what degree that is. Someone should have made him leave the house during the filmings, so we all asked why not?? !!! And the mom, while she seemed so genuine, why did she not put a stop to it afterall . . . if it bothered her so very much. Her words did not match her actions. Bravo! Genuine Filmaking at it's Best . . . Great! Great! Great!
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By frank2114
Written November 12, 2007
may be a little slow if your in the mood for jaws in 3d but it was a well done documentary.
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