• Released
  • April 23, 2009
  • 1 hr 52 min
  • Action/Adventure
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This slick and tense thriller with comedic elements from South Korean director Shin Tae-ra concerns an aggressive unit of the Russian mafia, detached to infiltrate Korea and filch a cutting-edge chemical weapon. The Korean government issues two secret agents to stop the Russians - both masked by undercover identities: Ahn Soo-ji (Kim Ha-neul), a tough-as-nails female martial arts pro who continues to draw the envy of all of her colleagues, and her male counterpart, klutzy and inept rookie Lee Jae-joon (Kang ji-Hwan), whose unfortunate presence leads to a series of outrageous blunders. Complicating matters, it seems, is the fact that the couple (polar opposites, who hate each other passionately), were once romantically involved. Soo-ji's requirement to maintain a secret life as an agent destroyed the couple by preventing them from maintaining an open relationship. Now, as it so happens, both are agents, and happen to serendipitously run into each other on the job. Though it seems nearly impossible, they must figure out a way to navigate through the possibility of a rekindled relationship, and attempt to save the world at the same time. ~ Nathan Southern, Rovi

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