Moving and very powerful

By jonathanK2
Written February 09, 2007
Was privileged enough to enjoy a private screening in New York a few weeks back. Absolutely stunning storyline, perfectly matched actors. Very highly recommended. I think it opens in Houson and Dallas in March.
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Nashawn Kearse (Isaiah) is AWESOME

By pamsterj
Written March 19, 2007
Nashawn Kearse's performance makes the movie a must see. His range is phenomenal and I certainly hope that we see more of this up & coming actor. The story is heartwarming and the two boys that play Isaiah & James as youngsters will definitely be heard from again. Vanessa Williams' role was incredibly touching. Tell your friends and family about it; they will not be disappointed.
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Too Good To Miss

By LLReview
Written March 18, 2007
This movie is great at blurring the lines of race, disability, and basic human differences and focusing on the critical elements of love, trust, honor and pride. Vanessa Williams does a terrific job playing the single, dying mother of two boys growing up in the Bronx. Her goal is to teach the older of the two how "to be a real man," how to treat women and how to take of his younger, mentally challenged brother. The values she teaches them at a young age prove themselves as the boys grow older -- The older brother, Nashawn Kearse (Desperate Housewives), has his values of love and loyalty put to the test. You don't want to miss his decision making process, the consequences of his actions and the ultimate reign of a mother's love. You will laugh and cry -- most of all, you'll be glad you saw the movie. It's great.
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Excellent Movie!

By sah57
Written March 18, 2007
This movie is incredible! It was very wholesome and still intriguing. It brought tears to my eyes. I wish it were playing in more locations because I wanted my friend to see it but it was not in Boston.
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Don't miss it!

By ken m
Written March 15, 2007
Change your life, see this film. Inspiring and poignant.
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