My Brother Synopsis
Two impoverished young men share a strong bond of love, forged in their youth by their mother.
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Don't miss it!

By ken m
Change your life, see this film. Inspiring and poignant....

Nashawn Kearse is the FUTURE of the big screen

By debbie1211
A mother's love for her two sons, their love for her and each other. This is a movie every mother should see with her son(s), it's a movie for everyone. Make an effort to get and support this film...

Vanessa Williams' performance is heartwarming.

By Silentjeff101
This film is about family and love. Watching Vanessa Williams as the mother of two brothers, whose trials together form the bulk of the film, is truly fantastic. Her role is powerful, sobering, and...

Moving and very powerful

By jonathanK2
Was privileged enough to enjoy a private screening in New York a few weeks back. Absolutely stunning storyline, perfectly matched actors. Very highly recommended. I think it opens in Houson and...

Nashawn Kearse (Isaiah) is AWESOME

By pamsterj
Nashawn Kearse's performance makes the movie a must see. His range is phenomenal and I certainly hope that we see more of this up & coming actor. The story is heartwarming and the two boys that play...

Too Good To Miss

By LLReview
This movie is great at blurring the lines of race, disability, and basic human differences and focusing on the critical elements of love, trust, honor and pride. Vanessa Williams does a terrific job...

Excellent Movie!

By sah57
This movie is incredible! It was very wholesome and still intriguing. It brought tears to my eyes. I wish it were playing in more locations because I wanted my friend to see it but it was not in...

A love story for families.

By lowkeyelv
I couldnt believe the reaction of the audience. I saw it at the houston premiere and NO ONE wanted to leave the theater. Vanessa Williams rocks and the other actors just brought you to tears with...

Beautiful film !!!! Awseome story!! Great acting!!!!

By chefbaze
Dont miss this one!!!!...

My Brother

By grannarichard
It was a very touching story. Thank you for making it. Both the young and the older actor did a lovely job. As a sister growing up I remember fighting to protect my brother from people who...

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Rated PG-13 | For violence, some disturbing images and language