• Released
  • September 26, 1980
  • PG
  • Comedy Drama
    Teen Movie
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What parents need to know

Parents need to know that this movie has violence, sexual innuendo, and some less-than-sterling behavioral examples. A bigger guy is always threatening a smaller one. The conflict culminates in a final vicious fight between the two bodyguards and the two leads. There is occasional mild profanity and an obscene finger gesture. Cliff and his Dad peek at girls through a telescope. One brief, naked male rear in a locker room. Though subtly played, Dad is obviously sleeping with a visiting flight attendant. It is implied that Grandma, a heavy drinker, is also a sex fiend. She sits in the bar of the family's hotel drinking and propositioning any hapless man who wanders in. On the other hand, the movie also effectively addresses themes of difference, frienship, and looking beyond stereotypes.
  • Families can talk about coming-of-age films. Why are movies that address the time between being a kid and being a grown up so popular? What other titles can you think of? Since screenplays are written by adults, do you think they can accurately depict the life of adolescent kids? Do you think this one did a good job? Why or why not? What do you think is the message of this film? Do you think that message is right? If you could make your own movie about growing up, what would it be like?
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