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By gbwc
Written January 21, 2009
So, I totally saw this movie in Raleigh the other night with my two BFF's. I like to call them the Brents. Anyway, I have to admit that when I found out it would be an extra $2.50 for a 3-D movie I was like, 'Whaaaat?!" But the Brents were like, "Waaaay!" Anyway, I am sooooo glad that I went for it. From the the first eye popping scene, to the axe picking finish, I was like, "Word. This is dope." BTW, the girl that kept yelling behind me was totally right. That girl was stoopid. And let me just say there aint nothing with a little gratuitous skin. 18 minutes, word. And speaking of totally right, the lady that took my ticket was on point, too. She was all, "Make sure you do your bidness before you go in ther..." At first I was all, "Huh?" But after I was thankful that I did cuz that junk were so scary that I woulda gone in my pants. Beside, using the urinal in 3-D is now what I am all about. Go see this movie. It will not disappoint! You heard it here. Yes, Yes, Ya'll!
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My Bloody Valentine

By donnakatherine
Written January 23, 2009
3D movies have come a long way from the old paper glasses with one red & blue eye. This movie was good it had a story that was good for a horror movie and you had suff jumping out at you through the whole movie. Im not a fan of blood & guts but I lost a bet & had to take my boyfriend b/c he has never seen a 3d movie & he happens to like these kind of movies, I was impressed & I liked it enough to recommend my friends to go see it.
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Hope Lionsgate Does this Film right!!!

By maatopdogg32
Written January 06, 2009
At last! Slasher fans will finally get the opportunity to see this excellent slasher film completely remade. LionsGate has been pretty good with Horror films as of lately and this one should be no exception. Especially from a 3D perspective. I remember back in 1982 seeing Friday the 13th Part 3 in Super 3D and that set some milestones in regards to 3D effects and was also one of the better films during that time. I hope this film is better than the lame recent remakes ie- Black Christmas, Prom Night, When A Stranger Calls..etc. When this film is released in theaters on the 16th Liongate is also releasing the older version of my Bloody Valentine on DVD UNCUT. It has been confirmed by Lionsgate that the movie will be released with the gore restored in its correct place. This should be a real treat for fans such as myself.
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cant wait

By nataliaq1998
Written December 29, 2008
it gonna be real cool i mean its in 3d a horror is scarry and horror in 3d ahhh out of the chair
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Knows what it is, and does it well

By meganfan
Written January 14, 2009
Went to the premier in LA and it was a lot of fun. Great camera work--the new redcam 3D is technically much more demanding, but the results are stunning! This movie mixes soft-core gore with good old-fashioned camp. Patrick Lussier, the master editor of Scream, shows serious directorial chops in his debut. The film flags a bit toward the 2/3 mark, but it's a brief (and somewhat welcome) lull and it is in service to the plot. Tom Adkins (Lussier called him "the silver fox of horror" in the pre-screening speech) makes a triumphant return to horror, Jensen Ackles shoulders the lead with aplomb, and Megan Boone (see her interviewed here: [BLOCKED WEBSITE] proves that she's one to watch in her big screen debut. Great date movie (if you have a cool date).
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