• Released
  • December 19, 1997
  • PG-13 , 1 hr 45 min
  • Romantic Comedy
    Comedy of Manners

A Classic Movie

By ZaEfron12
Written November 16, 2008
For years I have constantly heard everyone saying how good this movie is. So I finally got the chance to see this movie and it proved to be just as entertaining as they said. The opening musical number of the movie initially sets the tone for the film as being romantic, witty, and bubbly. This also describes the characters portrayed by the bodacious Cameron Diaz and Julia Roberts. The movie centers around the fact that Michael and Julianne have been best friends for years, but Julianne wanted nothing more than that. Until Michael announces that intends to get married to a woman who has known for only amonth. Diaz's portrayal of Kimberly, a smitten college girl who realizes she can never live up to the standards set by her fianceé's previous love desire, Julianne, is right on the nose with the over-the-top tear shedding and the non-stop perky attitude. Roberts holds her own with her character Julianne who acts like the homewrecker in this situation.
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