Gentlemen Prefer Marilyn!

By professorxfm
Written November 25, 2011
Saw this after Thanksgiving dinner with my guests. Everyone loved it. The title says it all, and it covers an interesting chapter in Marilyn's life. It gives us an insight into how vulnerable and frustrating she could be, and how she tried to battle her demons, while trying to manage the public persona with the real person she was. The cinematography is excellent, the acting is perfect, and the cast is excellent. Michelle not only resembles Marilyn, she has her gestures down pat, that at times, you forget you are not seeing the real Marilyn on screen. My sister was right. You will want to go out and either get the book to discover more, or will go out to rent "The Prince and The Showgirl" to compare the two movies. The buzz is right. Michelle deserves the award for best actress.
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More than a Superstar

By wizinit
Written November 28, 2011
I went to see Marilyn after reading Harvey Weinstein's account of how he convinced his family it was worth making. For those born since her death, this movie brings Marilyn to life and exposes her complexities that were far more intricate than than the tabloid foibles and legend that has survived. For those who remember seeing Marilyn's movies and following her life while she was alive, this biographical snippet captures the persona; but you may be a bit disappointed that the actors portraying Olivier and Monroe cannot quite match their glamour. However, the story is told nicely in a first-person account by the young man who had this incredible experience. I strongly suggest for those who have not seen or do not recall The Prince and the Showgirl, the making of which is the central theme of this movie, that you do so first. It is a great movie that never quite caught on. Same for the Some Like It Hot and The Entertainer, which Monroe and Olivier filmed after this.
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Brilliant portrayal of Marilyn Monroe by a rising star!

By vampirejew
Written November 26, 2011
My Week With Marilyn was absolutely amazing. Michelle Williams was stupendous in her performance as Marilyn Monroe. Every emotion, physical action, spoken word and soulful look of the eyes brought great life to her rendition of Norma Jean Mortenson as Marilyn. The cast was brilliantly chosen to give this tale of Colin Clark's memoirs of his time spent with her during The Prince and the Showgirl. Kenneth Branagh was fantastic as Sir Laurence Olivier. Judi Dench was perfectly chosen to portray Dame Sybil Thorndike. If you are a Marilyn fan of any sort, you will not be disappoiinted in the slightest. For those who were disappointed and saddened by the film... I feel for you. You obviously are not cultured in the life of Marilyn Monroe, the sexiest woman to ever grace the silver screen. If you're a fan of Marilyn Monroe, this is sure to appease your appetite. I give it 2 thumbs up and 5 Gold Stars! I am a VERY happy Marilyn enthusiast!
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It was a great movie!

By dianneb23999
Written November 26, 2011
Michelle Williams portrayal of Marilyn Monroe was spectacular. The movie was very touching. I highly recommend seeing this one. Eddie Redmayne was outstanding as well. It is so nice to go see a movie that is acted so well. You can tell that Michelle Williams really cares about her craft. I am a huge MM fan and Michelle was terrific.
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Fully a star and fully human

By celluloidfan65
Written November 26, 2011
"My Week with Marilyn" is a movie that people even to young to remember this Hollywood starlet will appreciate. The director portrays Monroe as a great actress who at the same time is haunted by feelings of inadequacy. The film portrays her as someone with great star power and charisma who at the same time is vulnerable and in need of protection from life's harsher realities. After watching this film, I felt like I knew Marilyn. The actress did a good job of displaying that ineffable quality Marilyn had for causing men to become fascinated with her. Monroe's special magic definitely came across on screen for me.
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